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Teaching My Eldest Son to Harvest His Own Food Himself

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8 months ago

So the husband made an interesting and delicious Vietnamese dish some days ago, named the bò lá lốt. The recipe requires minced beef which I did not have at home at that point of time, hence he replaced it with some minced pork seasoned with fish sauce and other seasonings. After that he wrapped them with some Betel leaf and placed them on skewers before he grilled them in a pan. The flavours were incredibly awesome and all of us kept going for more!

I harvested the betel leaves from my balcony gardening for him to make these.

However, he had so much more minced pork that he needed more leaves. So since my pot had not much leaves of the suitable size, I decided to bring my son down to the area near our car parks where there is an abundance of betel leaves growing wildly. Maybe someone had planted them earlier there or maybe they just grew by themselves. We decided to harvest maybe 30 leaves for the husband to make more for dinner.

I taught him how to cut them off the stem. Later on, he could do it himself. He took a photo of me harvesting them at first.

Then he tried it out himself.

After that he took a photo of our harvest!

Finally, he counted the number of leaves we have harvested and it was 32 leaves, more than enough for dinner use!

I think that was kind of a fun learning experience too! Don't you think so? And we had a yummy dinner again! 😍

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Written by   3
8 months ago
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