Introduction: How to Earn Money Using

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2 years ago is a crypto blogging platform with unique features of its own. It is a platform where you can write and publish articles with images and videos and earn money or free Bitcoincash while doing so.

How to Join? What to Do After Joining?

1. Be a content writer at by signing up using this link:

After you sign up, the platform will automatically create a Bitcoincash wallet that will exist just in your browser. This is cool feature, you don't need to download or install anything.

2. Now Backup your wallet using  this guide. Backing up/ saving your 12 word seed phrase will enable you to login in different devices. You can also import it in wallet.

3. Read the Frequently Asked Questions. Reading the FAQ is very helpful and important to know more about the platform for guides, rules and what to publish on the platform. 

4. Join or Create Your Own Community. Communities are like category of interest/ niche. Joining a community or creating one is having a place to post your articles in a specific line of interest. Also read community rules to avoid being muted or kicked. I invite you to join my community Learning & Sharing Nation on

How to Earn Money on

1. Be a content creator/ creator. Write and publish interesting and original articles in categories you fancy. It can be about life, current events, daily experiences, cryptocurrency, education, motivational sayings, photography etc.  You can also include images and videos that will attract readers to upvote, like and comment your article.

2. Earn thru Upvotes and Random Reward Points. Anyone who upvotes your post will give you Bitcoincash in USD directly to your wallet and even without upvotes you can still earn thru the random rewards points by posting/publishing, liking and commenting. Reward points are from the platform fund from sponsors and can be converted to bitcoincash daily. To know more about the random rewards point , read it here.

3. Participate in Giveaways. Some content creators are hosting giveaways and or contest, join these contests and giveaways and if you win the host will tip rewards. Joining events like these make you engage with the platform and get random reward points.

4. Get Sponsor.  Anyone can be a sponsor - followers/ visitors, co-authors or even the main sponsors of the platform. Anyone who registered as your sponsor will give you a specific amount of BCH that you will automatically receive in your wallet every month.

5. Affiliate program. Promote your link to your friends or to your social media profiles and when they register using your link, you will earn shares from their earnings. 

Where to withdraw your earning?

You can withdraw it to personal wallets that supports bitcoincash like, badger, trustwallet app, abra, or you can import your seed phrase in wallet app, etc.

That's it for now. If you have non technical questions or tutorial requests, feel free to drop it in the comment section and let's figure it out together. 

And here are some other social media platforms just like that you can try and earn money thru engagements, posting, commenting, etc. (Tip/ Publish article earn Ethereum, BAT, DAI, LRC) (Post and earn 1UP tokens from Upvotes) (Publish articles and earn free Trybe Tokens, Free 500 TRYBE upon registration) (Complete mission to get free XTM, Beta Stage, not out in the market yet. )

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Thanks for the tutorial

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2 years ago

I did not get 500 trybe :( Could you please let me know do i need to do anything to get this signup bonus.

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I appreciate the information in this article. FYI I found it through Google so your SEO is working! Good job.

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