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I am a person who loves plants, many wild plants are the target of research, because every plant that emerges from the surface of the earth has benefits that are often kept secret and not known to many people.

Yesterday, a sunny day without rain. I was in my uncle's yard, the weather was favorable for telling stories, enjoying the beautiful view of the evening. The yard is quite spacious with a wide expanse of plants. while walking my eyes fell on a plant that is rarely found in my area, confusion and curiosity are quite high. to know about this plant, I asked uncle.

Me: what is the name of this plant?

Uncle: the name of the plant "gaharu".

Me: why can he grow in the yard?

Uncle : oh .. it was sent from a work friend from outside the area. actually this plant does not exist in our area even the population is very small, this plant is very expensive because of the benefits it has.

Out of curiosity I tried to dig up all the available information about this plant and the results were very significant for a plant that could become this big tree.

original shot from home page
original shot from home page

The Benefits of Agarwood

  • Fight Bacterial Infection

    The benefits of the first agarwood tree can be obtained from the leaf extract. The benefits of gaharu tree leaf extract are able to fight bacterial infections. This is because the gaharu plant has antibacterial properties that are beneficial for overall health.

    This study revealed that gaharu leaf extract with methanol, aquadest, and chloroform solvents had antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

    Alkaloid and terpenoid compounds are the compounds that play the most role in gaharu leaf extract as antibacterial.

    In addition, the benefits of gaharu trees taken from the leaf extract contain chemical compounds such as alkaloids, triterpenoids, flavonoids, saponins and tannins. The content of these chemical compounds indicates the presence of antibacterial activity in gaharu leaves. For this reason, the agarwood plant has actually been used as a traditional medicine since ancient times.

  • High In Antioxidants

    The benefits of gaharu trees are still obtained from the extract of the leaves. Leaf extract from gaharu tree has a high antioxidant content. Antioxidants have been used to prevent free radicals. These antioxidant compounds include phenolic acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin E, vitamin C, bilirubin, and albumin. Mineral nutrients such as manganese, zinc, copper, and selenium also act as antioxidants. Among these antioxidants are thought to be contained in the methanol extract of gaharu leaves such as phenolic compounds and flavonoids. The results of the screening test on simplicia powder showed that the ethanol extract of fresh gaharu leaves and the ethanolic extract of simplicia obtained the presence of flavonoid compounds, glycosides, tannins and steroids/triterpenoids which became active antioxidant compounds.

  • Herbal Tea

    Maybe you like to drink tea, gaharu leaf extract is used as an ingredient in making tea that is healthy for the body. The use of gaharu leaf extract which is rich in antioxidants is used as herbal tea.

  • Cosmetic And Aromatherapy Ingredients

    The agarwood plant has actually been known in China since the third century and is used as an ingredient for religious rituals and also for the basic ingredients of perfume, aromatherapy and is widely used in the cosmetic industry in its development so that it can be used as shampoo and soap. able to prevent exposure to free radicals in the body, the benefits of antioxidants are certainly very diverse.

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  • Cure Chronic Diseases

    The benefits of gaharu trees can be used to treat various chronic diseases including hypertension and cancer. In addition, the benefits of gaharu leaves as herbal medicine can also be used to treat other diseases, such as:



    -Kidney problems

    -Chronic fatigue

    -Headache treatment

    -Treat stomach problems

    -Circulatory problems

    -Skin disorders

    The most traditional way of using gaharu leaves is to make it as an herbal tea. use three grams of herbal tea from gaharu leaves and make it as a brewed tea. Although useful, not all agarwood leaves can be used as tea. The selection of the right agarwood leaves is also an important consideration. The selected gaharu leaves have a good texture, are not physically deformed, and are not eaten by insects or damaged during the picking process.

  • Natural Perfume

    This is one of the causes of gaharu plants being rare and expensive, in the trunk of the gaharu tree there is natural oil which is used as a complex base material for making perfumes or essential oils. This gaharu essence has a fragrant and distinctive aroma so it is used as an ingredient for making perfumes and also various essential oils. In addition, agarwood oil is also used to launch the menstrual cycle, overcome joint problems, maintain healthy skin, treat asthma, and relieve coughs.

  • Healthy Cigarettes

    You may be confused what I am saying is that gaharu leaves are used as a healthy herbal cigarette. believe it or not, but this is the truth. Gaharu leaves are used as herbal cigarettes because they do not contain nicotine and are able to cure throat and respiratory disorders.

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Benefits of Agarwood

For the fruit of gaharu has very promising benefits to heal and protect from various diseases

  • Stroke

    The main benefit of gaharu fruit is that as a stroke medicine you can drink boiled water gaharu fruit every day three times a day

  • Overcoming Stress

    The content of agarospirol in agarwood fruit is able to suppress tense nerves so that the stress you experience is gone.

  • Overcoming Motion Sickness

    For those of you who often experience motion sickness, you can overcome it by drinking boiled water of agarwood fruit.

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  • Overcoming Hypertension

    To overcome the recurrence of hypertension, you can consume a decoction of agarwood fruit water which is very effective for lowering blood pressure

  • Maintain Kidney Health

    Kidney health is one of the things you should pay attention to, to maintain it you can consume agarwood fruit water.

  • Prevent Tumor

    The content of antioxidants in the form of polyphenols in agarwood fruit is very effective in preventing various kinds of tumors.

  • Prevent Cancer

    Besides being able to prevent various kinds of tumors, the polyphenol content in agarwood fruit is also able to prevent various kinds of cancer.

  • original shot from homeoriginal shot from homeOvercoming Insomnia

    Insomnia is a serious disease that interferes with your sleeping hours, you can brew warm aloes and drink it before bed.

  • Maintaining Heart Health

    To maintain a healthy liver, you can consume dried aloe vera steeping water on a regular basis.

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  • Maintain Spleen Health

    In addition to being able to maintain a healthy liver, you can also maintain a healthy spleen by consuming agarwood fruit.

  • Gout Medication

    The other benefits of gaharu fruit as traditional medicine, namely gaharu fruit is able to treat those of you who have a history of gout.

  • Lower Cholesterol

    Gaharu boiled water is also very useful for those of you who want to lower cholesterol levels.

  • Prostate Cancer Drugs

    Besides being able to prevent cancer, gaharu is also very effective in curing prostate cancer.

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How friends are you interested in plants like this? indeed this plant is very bearded because of its very high efficacy. many people look for it to be cultivated and propagated by conventional means.

Because of my love for plants, I often explore useful plant species and want to share them with all of my friends. So hopefully next time I can provide the benefits of other plants that are rarely known to many people. preserve nature and plants because it is the heart of human life.

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There are so many benefits from the trees. We just have to research their potential medication and uses. I would love to have those planted to my backyard.

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1 year ago

That's what makes me smile, I hope this can be useful for treating various types of diseases for everyone.

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1 year ago

What a brilliant plant, there are so many natural remedies

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1 year ago

thank you friend you are amazing, many benefits for this rarely seen plant. quite expensive too but the main benefit.

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1 year ago

I know of a similar plant that has exactly the same benefits as this one in my country. Also it is very unique also and it can't be grown everywhere. It is called "zogale"

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1 year ago

maybe i don't know but it's useful too. Thank you friend

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1 year ago

I am really impressed. It is so powerful plant. It could help me with many things that bother me.

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1 year ago

thank you jelena. I hope this is useful for you and everyone. I'm happy to be able to share for goodness

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1 year ago