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A little from there, a little from here; thought storm

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4 months ago

When it comes to combining 2 colors, my preference will always be yellow - red because they are the colors of the team I support!

I came across many articles about colors, dreams, invisible beings and I shared them in the article about the meanings of colors. In the ongoing daily life, we have side thoughts that affect our lives, or we are guided by someone.

These are mostly related to superstitions, dream interpretations, various fortune telling or jinn as invisible beings etc. under the influence of assets.

These factors, which we include in our lives such as throwing the right foot first when going out, making meanings from the rings worn on the fingers, adding different features to each of the colors, regardless of their positive or negative contributions to our lives, such as traditions from centuries ago, can play a leading role in affecting our lives in one way or another.

When it comes to clothes, it is my choice to prefer contrasting colors instead of choosing compatible colors. A combination like a white t-shirt on black pants, a yellow shirt on red shorts, or a combination of yellow and red lines wouldn't be bad either!

When it comes to nature, I have a special interest in every shade of green, one of my special interests is observing and painting every shade of green from dark green to yellow.

All dark colors look good to me in household items. Wall paint consists of dark colors in my preferences. I decided to choose black color in my room for a while, and if I had any regrets as soon as I applied it, I gave up because I couldn't afford the hassle of changing the black color to another color, but black is still on my mind!

My preference in the car is always white or metal gray, the car I drive now is white, if I change it in the future, I will change to metal gray.

Colors will remain only as my choice, maybe as I get older, my color choices will change with my ideas. I will not make a meaning out of colors or ignore information that has different meanings to colors from the past to the present.

The black cat thing I will never consider and I don't believe is bullshit that should be forgotten! I have a cat now, you'll see it will be black next time.

Fortune has become such a diverse application that now there are even applications that can be downloaded to phones. You can be guided by loading various meanings from a cup that you take a picture of and send. This means that when you truly believe in directions, you begin to shape your life and live according to it. The strangest part is that you don't even realize it or you realize it late.

It is as absurd as putting a knife on the dead, not going through the cemetery at night, getting up from the back of the bed, believing that a werewolf will appear in the full moon and it will take 3 days!

...that this nonsense still occupies the life of a certain group is another nonsense. Science is the only truth that will allow the facts to be revealed. In these days when technology and science are at their peak, the fact that people who have come to the end of their generation are still transferring such nonsense to new generations is an indication that this nonsense will continue.

The number of views achieved by those who try to achieve popular viewing rates by making such shots on video sites can be another proof. If we consider that the viewers are not watching just for the sake of curiosity, but are affected by what they watch, even if we examine the comments beyond thinking, it would be to reflect the truth to say that new people have been added to the audience.

Although the number of people who attach importance to science and academic research is constantly increasing, there are and will be those who are superstitious even among those with scientific and academic titles. It will not be easy to get rid of beliefs that go back centuries, and it cannot be done all at once.

In the middle of a football match that I had the opportunity to watch from the stands in the years before the pandemic, two players from the same team removed the grass of both goal lines and buried something under it, and after the end of the match, it was revealed that they left a paper containing magic under the grass according to their beliefs.

The purpose of these magic-containing pieces of paper was to protect their own goal from gold and to allow the ball to enter the opponent's goal. Considering that the idea presented here is real, why spend millions of dollars buying players? What is the need to put effort on the field and struggle to be better than your opponent? We can ask questions, think about the consequences.

Regardless of the education level, the features he adds to himself or the level of intelligence, we will always encounter the fact that people cannot break away from the other side of the mirror, paying a little more attention to the events is enough for us to see what is going on around us.

Is ignorance always the only problem? Or is it to seek a remedy from every area when we need it and when we are in trouble?

Thank you for reading.

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Written by   392
4 months ago
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hehe always our football colours ;)

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4 months ago

As for colors, mine will be Blak and White and also mint green and sky blue. Black suits every color, whether it's dark or light colors. I don't usually believe in any superstitions, but sometimes it is accurate and sometimes it's not lol

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4 months ago

I believe in God, that is why I don't believe in evil makings 🤗

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4 months ago

I don't believe in superstitions, and I don't believe in the power of those papers on the field, but if those players feel that this kind of amulet gives them security, well, let them use it. The problem is when people put superstitions before the scientific facts or believe that they will change reality.

And as for the colors, my favorite is blue. Cheers!

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4 months ago

I can't say anything about other issues, but when it comes to color, my preference has always been dark blue. It has no special meaning to me. I noticed that the clothes I bought were mostly navy blue. I can say that gray is the second among my favorite colors.

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4 months ago