Don't Make Food So 'Heavy'; Healthy Eating for The Heart

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It is very common to overeat nowadays which is full of variety of tastes. But if you do not pay attention to how much food you eat, it can lead to flatulence, abdominal cramps, excess body fat and increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Research shows that overeating can lead to food cravings and heart attack.This is especially true for people with obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Researchers have found that the risk of heart attack quadrupled within two hours of eating a heavy meal. The study, presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Session, found that physical stress and uncontrollable anger all contribute to heart attack in people who have had a heart attack in the past and now have coronary artery disease.

The head of the cardiology department at Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, Dr. Ashish Agarwal, on the occasion of World Heart Day, explains how heavy food can lead to heart attack, how to prevent overeating and what are the heart-healthy eating habits.

How does overeating increase the risk of heart attack?

There are many causes of heart attack due to overeating. Everything needs energy to eat and digest food. It raises blood pressure as it needs more oxygen. As a result, the heart has to pump more blood. This puts more pressure on the organs. High blood pressure can cause plaque to build up in the artery walls, clots to form, and blockages in the blood vessels to lead to heart attack and stroke.

Fatty foods can also disrupt the function of the endothelium, the lining of the arteries. Increased levels of the hormone insulin in the blood can also damage the arteries. Overeating alone increases the levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine in the body. It raises blood pressure and heart rate and leads to heart attack.

What can be done to avoid overeating and to switch to heart-healthy eating habits?

A balanced diet that includes starch, meat, and other nutrients can increase the risk of disease in any of our fried foods, as well as foods that contain cream and butter and are cooked in coconut oil.

Heart-damaging foods such as processed and refined foods, packaged foods and tinted foods should be avoided. These include sugar, salt and trans fats. Instead, eat whole grains, cereals, nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables. If you are diabetic, choose berries, oranges, lemons, apples and pears that are low in sugar and high in fiber.

It can be taken in moderation and several times a day. Eating three meals a day on a full stomach will put pressure on the stomach and heart. Eat six small meals a day. Make sure dinner is light and easy to digest. Do not eat heavy food or irritating beans and cauliflower for dinner.

A diet chart for a healthy heart

In the morning on an empty stomach- five or six almonds and four walnuts with a glass of hot water.

Breakfast - idli, dosha, salted flour, poha (dish made with aval), paratha and a bowl of something (30 g). Use very little oil. Boiled egg with a glass of milk or yogurt or protein-rich food, or omelette with maximum egg white.

In the meantime - 100 g of any available fruit. In case of diabetes, bananas, mangoes, bananas, sapodillas and grapes should be avoided.

Lunch - 2 loaves of bread or chapati, rice in a medium bowl, curry with vegetables, a cup, a small bowl of yogurt, nut curry, salad. Instead of nuts, you can eat chicken or fish.

In the evening - a cup of green tea or coffee

For the evening - a bowl of soup or any fruit.

Dinner - two multigrain bread or chapatis, a bowl of curry with vegetables, a plate of salad, a bowl of noodles or yogurt.

Before going to bed - a cup of turmeric milk mixed with chukka powder.

The diet mentioned in it can keep the heart healthy.

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