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Optimism and pessimism.

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2 months ago

Today, I want to discuss optimism and pessimism because we all have faced these two conditions in our life and me too.
First of all we discuss the optimism.

What is optimism?

Optimism is something like think positively.
For example, when you sleep at every night you don't know how much longer life you have But you slept because you have a belief that you get up in the early morning, this is the optimism.
You have a belief that every dark night will change into the bright morning this is the optimism.
A person who is suffering from a chronic disease, but he has a strong will power that he will get well soon. This is an optimism.
If you stuck in trouble and a time reach when you feel helpless, but you still do effort to get out of it because you have a hope in your heart that you will get yourself out of it. This is an optimism.

Once my room lock is stuck everyone try to open it but never succeeded then I decided to open it . I made myself that I open it at any cost and when I try to open this for the first time I failed, but I never lose hope and try it for second time and I finally open the lock everyone amazed that how could I do that and I feel proud on myself. This is optimism.

What is pessimism?

Pessimism is just the opposite of optimism. When you think negatively about anything else, you are optimistic.
For example
If you put two dogs in two separate boxes you see one dog is learned how to escape, but the second dog give up as he thinks he can't escape out of it. The second dog loses hope. He is pessimistic.
We all face the both the situations in our life.
As I consider myself, me too is both optimistic and pessimistic but In some cases.
Whenever I took some decision, I have a fear that it's may be wrong for me but when my family support me that l take a good decision then  I become too confident about it but at the next moment some outsider hit point on my decision that it's not good but I show my optimistic part that may be it's not good for them but for me it's good.
What you are an optimistic or a pessimistic?
  Explanatory style of a person tells us about what we are.
For example, if you go for an audition, If you are pessimistic you think you will never be able to give an audition but if you are optimistic than you think it's not impossible for me.
If you are pessimistic you think it's pervasive that you are not an interesting person but if you are optimistic you think it's not pervasive, it is just an isolated situation.
If you are pessimistic you think personally that you looks are not perfect for audition and they humiliate you but if you are optimistic you think it's not personal they might be in bad mood.
Benefits of being an optimistic.
1- Optimism helps us to gain more.
2-Optimism helps us to improve our over all health.
3-Optimism help us to have more happy and healthy life.
Harms of pessimism.
1-Pessimist give up at the first step.
2-They are more likely to suffer from depression, suicide and other psychological problems.
3-They are not enjoyed the happy and healthy life.

So optimism is much more helpful to us than pessimism but we just need to maintain balance in both otherwise you can get delusional and end up torturing yourself. If you have a bad business idea and you think it's not permanent and keep investing on it for several months and you not get any profit and you think it's not pervasive and keep investing on it then you are not optimistic you are an idiot who can' t understand that it's bad idea for you because it's not profitable for you.
So it's a good thing that you are optimistic, but at the same time you need to balance it with the pessimism.
As I discussed above we all have face these situations. It's pleasure for me if you share your optimistic and pessimistic situations.
Thanks for reading.


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Written by   17
2 months ago
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We should be deliberate about being optimist, it has more benefits, it's all in the mindset. 💪

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2 months ago

That's the point .It's all in our mindset that how we ? Consider ourselves for introducing something new.

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2 months ago

good keep it up good work so nice

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Thanks for your appreciation

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2 months ago

Despair is a sin and man should never despair. Man should have good hope for everything

$ 0.01
2 months ago

yes a hope for good is better for yours mental health. your mind is relax when you have good thoughts and when your mind is relax your body too. you done your work properly.

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2 months ago