The Fire of Passion In the Pouring Rain

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1 year ago

Lately, my place has started to enter the rainy season. I have prepared everything like raincoats, umbrellas, sandals and plastic that will make me feel comfortable when going outside. But, I don't plan on going outside on a fairly intense count because in the rainy season I often catch colds which will make my nose stuffy and sneeze. Conditions like that do not make me comfortable.

There are other things that make me lazy to leave the house. First, it would cost more to buy something like gasoline and food. Currently, I'm trying to be frugal because world oil prices are rising and tend to affect gasoline prices in my area. The second is flooding. This heavy rain was blocking the way out so I didn't have much choice. Besides, I'm afraid my motorbike will break down on the road and I don't want to get sick because I get the flu easily. 

This situation makes me upset because of the limited options for activities. Another problem, the girl I like makes me feel upset and disappointed. The reason is that she is often friendly to me and I am labeled as her brother (it seems I have entered the circle of "brotherzone"). Then, I felt sick when she tried to introduce her boyfriend in front of me. What a bad day for me and this rainy mood represents my feelings.


However, I don't want to just be sad and try to find a way to work things out. So, I will try to rekindle my spirit even though the rain always wants to cool the situation.


Write Articles

At first, I really wanted to write because it was oriented towards ways to earn money so I was quite serious about digging a niche in blogging, AdSense, affiliate and everything related at that time. But, I'm not consistent. I only get failure and only get a small portion of the money. Now, everything is different. I can see that writing is a creative hobby that suits me as an introvert. Nowadays, writing has become my hobby and second job. So, this is enough to fire up my brain when it rains. Here, I've written a lot about many things. So, I'm pretty active, moving on to contribute to


Learn Foreign Language

Actually, learning a language isn’t an easy thing. But, there is always room for those willing to put in more effort and it is important to show a passion for one or more languages. Right now, I'm not talking about the tips because I've written about them (Learn Foreign Languages Without Stress & Headache). I just hope that it will help you to learn the language effectively. 

By studying language, we also learn about culture, society, human character, norms and other related matters. Because this is considered not easy, it can provoke your brain to think about how you understand a language well which is correlated with the factors above. There are many different languages in the world that you can try. From the easiest (such as Norwegian, Spanish and Indonesian) to meet at the point of the most difficult language (such as Thai, Chinese and Japanese). All can be tried according to your passion and ability.


Cooking Food

Art and creativity can also be measured by cooking. Cooking for the arts doesn't need to be too skilled nor is it limited to a particular gender. There is an Indonesian proverb that says “kamu bisa karena biasa” (In English it means, you can do it because it's a common thing). In a longer explanation, it means that if you make the dish often, you will be smart and understand what to do. In a recommendation to make food that makes us burn with enthusiasm, we can make typical warm and spicy food. For example, the famous food from Thailand, Tom Yam Soup.

Another option that may be simpler, you can try to eat packaged noodles and then you can make your own variant of side dishes and toppings according to your wishes, with flavors that can blend with the noodles. If you are confused about what kind of noodles, I've made an article about noodles here.


Playing Games

I'm not the type of person who really likes games. Don’t get me wrong, I like games but I'm not someone who is considered a “master” in the gaming world. In the game itself, there are several genres that are considered capable of sharpening our brains. In conjunction to train the brain and be more productive, choose games with agility and strategy genres such as FPS, Cards and Strategy genres that may be suitable to restore tired brain function.

Basically, playing games is a hobby and changes our mood because we are tired after activities. More than that, today's game has evolved to be able to pay its players, especially in the crypto world which calls its own area called P2E Game. Getting something from the game will boost the morale of the players because of the prize money, tokens that lure them in. So, it's a “super alternative” worth trying.


In conclusion, I hope the points above are useful to get rid of the chaos of the heart and mind. So, I think it will be suitable to be applied in a climate that often rains like this. The goal is that we want to be more productive and our brains will not freeze because of problems that are lurking.

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1 year ago


the girl I like makes me feel upset and disappointed. The reason is that she is often friendly to me and I am labeled as her brother (it seems I have entered the circle of "brotherzone")

I laughed here😂😂. It's funny how these ladies like to put a guy into friendzone

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1 year ago

I've been stuck in this for a long time. I need to calm down.

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1 year ago