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Learning is a long-term process that involves brain function and strong memory. This means that learning takes time to reach the stage of understanding the content of knowledge. Therefore, a person needs the patience to wait until people can understand and have certain skills.


On this occasion, I want to discuss learning a foreign language. This is one of the important skills in this century because language is a bridge to getting to know other humans. This is because each country has a different language and culture. Therefore, an understanding between one another is needed.


People who only speak only one language are called monoglots. Meanwhile, people who speak multiple languages are called polyglots. There are many countries or people who are accustomed to using more than two or more languages. Usually, they combine the official language of the country with the local language. Countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines are claimed to have the ability to more than 2 languages.


Therefore, these countries are considered examples that humans having a brain that stores a lot of language space. This language will be used for various purposes such as friendship, business, traveling or others. So, it is quite important to learn when dealing with people whose language is different from ours.


Learning a foreign language is difficult, but there are also easy ones without stressing you out and giving you headaches. Therefore, you should know what language you choose and learn. So, everyone sets measurable goals to be able to assess their own abilities. This is intended to make it easier for language learners to digest.


In order to learn a language easily, there are certain tips that you can use.



Free Writing Based Diary

Write down anything you like or something you come across often or maybe a word or phrase that seems strange to you. For example, starting with the word "Bonjour" (French) or "Como Estas" (Spanish). So, start with the simple way. This may seem trivial, but this is what you really have to do from the start in knowing any language. It's best not to worry about grammar first. You have to get used to what you see, and what you hear. Then, write down what happened on this day or a specific event.


Practice Speaking With General Topics

In addition to practicing handwriting, your brain also needs to be trained with speech responses. You don't need to have a serious discussion. Instead of accelerating your skills, you will actually get an error because you can't remember all the words. So, start with a casual conversation, simple but accurate. For example, we will try Russian:

(A): У тебя скоро день рождения (U tebya skora den’ razhdeniya)

(B): да, послезавтра (Da, poslezaftra).


In English, it means:

(A): Your birthday is really soon

(B):  Yes, It’s the day after tomorrow.


So, you should try to open up a general topic. Don't make it difficult.


Practice Listening To Music

A good speaker is a good listener. You won't understand the language and its meaning if you can't understand what other people are saying. This method doesn’t require energy to think hard. You can open Spotify or YouTube application, then play music in the language you are following. At first, this was difficult. But, if you try again and again, you will begin to be able to follow the singer's rhythm. Then, you try to memorize the lyrics and get to the point where you understand the meaning of the song. For example, you may want to memorize the lyrics and understand this Japanese song:



Practice By Watching Movies

As well to listening to songs, watching movies is also a fun activity. Movies devices are currently equipped with subtitle tools that can help users from other countries (other than the native country), understand the content or context of the movie. You can start by looking at the subtitles to understand the context. But for the next one (the next movie or series), you can challenge yourself to try to see it without any translation content. For example, I give a video drama series from Thailand:



So, those are ways to learn languages that I think won't burden your brain and can be done in a relaxed manner. Happy language learning!

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