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A Smartphone Case Is Your Smartphone Savior & Prettiness

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Most of people here are already using smartphones. Everyone uses smartphone for various purposes such as private matter, there are also those who use smartphone to facilitate college activities, some of them use it for work or business. All of those activities helping human life. However, how many people underestimate the usefulness of smartphone cases ? I think that’s very much because many of them think, they’re buying a smartphone case is just a waste of time and money or you are just paying "a style" to covering your smartphone.

I don't think so. Basically nowadays, smartphone casings are indeed made so trendy, so that our impression of the visual or physical smartphone looks good. To buy a smartphone case isn’t actually expensive, but most sellers out there are willing to trick you with poor quality case. I remember when my friend bought a beautiful case with Doraemon picture cover. After 4-5 months she used it on her smartphone, then the quality of the case wasn’t good, then she bought another new one at a different store.

This is the lesson to all of you. You're better off buying because the uses than buying because the style. Actually, the style on the smartphone case isn’t bad. However, most of these sellers will trick you with eye-catching covers, regardless of quality. In fact, the quality of casing that you buy, it will save your smartphone. So, there are some reasons why the smartphone case that you buy and using then, its so useful.

An Example of Smartphone Case

# A Good Smartphone Case Protect From Scratches And Bumps

You accidentally drop your phone and hit the floor or your fingernails are too sharp to touch smartphone, so it makes scratches on the screen. There are also cases where your car keys accidentally scratch your cellphone because they’re placed together in the same pants pocket. A good casing will protect body and screen of the smartphone. So, you have to pay attention to material and the type of anti-scratch used.

For high-end smartphones, usually anti-scratch has been added by the manufacturer so you don't need to buy it again. So, there are two options that you will choose, hardcase or softcase. I personally will choose a hardcase because the material made is very safe for the smartphone body. Usually, hardcase prices are in the range between $5-$10 USD. It's little bit expensive, but it's more durable than softcase.

# A Good Smartphone Case Protect From The Dust

When the dust sticks to your face, you treat it using skincare. But, when the dust pollutes your smartphone, you must cover it with a good smartphone case (its according to type of your smartphone). If you buy a smartphone that very conspicuous when exposed to dust, you must double it with a smartphone case.

It doesn't matter what color or model or background that you choose. So, the important thing is you already covered the smartphone from dust. If your smartphone is equipped with an “anti-crash” or “anti-slam” body, you can simply complete it with a softcase. In addition, it also doesn’t interfere with display on your smartphone. For the price of softcase is usually cheaper around $3-$5 USD.

# A Good Smartphone Cases Will Suit Your Smartphone

As I said above, to buy a smartphone case, this isn’t expensive thing and this is also for single use. Before you’re going to buy, you should consider the material, design, quality and price. So, your needs and desires are met at that point. Being stingy when it comes to spending money on a smartphone case isn’t a good thing, if your smartphone is really weak against hard impacts. This also applies vice versa, if you spend too much money on a smartphone case while your smartphone already has those feature (anti-scratch or anti-crash), you aren’t wisely when using money and it harm yourself.

So the conclusion, you must be wisely when using your money to buy a case, then look for the one that fits your smartphone and don't be easily fooled by sellers who want to deceive you.

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