Member.Cash Theme Dev progress and thoughts #1

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I have some time on my side at the moment due to the Coronavirus. Instead of wasting it, I thought it's time to give back to the Bitcoin Cash community. The community has been shaken to it core over the last few weeks with the DAA chaos. We have shown our strength with multiple successful Flipstarter's and community responses in favour of maintaining decentralisation and not being lead by a tyrant. is a great platform to get started in world of blockchain social, but soon you realise the UX is functional but not attractive in the slightest and the excitement of uncensorable discussion wears off quickly when you can smell the bootsrap theming and the scammers/ begars running wild.

Introducing, developed by freetrade,et al. and it's open source on GitHub! It is still actively being improved upon and even includes moderation, private messaging and trust graphs.

However just like Memo, also lack's in modern UX. So that's what i've been up to, adding a modern touch to and I will document my progress and thoughts.

Theme goals

  1. Modern technologies (scss, svg images, new css properties)

  2. Responsive and useable on small screens

  3. Attractive and function design

Below you can see my current progress.

Mobile / tablet

Things that have annoyed me so far.

  • No user icons or identicons. Visuals are everything in 2020 so this should be a top priority for member dev's

  • The HTML DOM has strange arrangements. A sticky footer can't be added in it's current state.

  • Navigation is horrible. Icons are great, but if the icon is not clear and commonly used, users have no clue what it is.

  • Member also lacks and inbuilt mobile navigation / hamburger menu.

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Nice, looking more and more like a BCH powered alternative to Reddit.

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