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Why support Taiwan??

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1 year ago
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Western powers implicity support Taiwan vs China. Western populations believe they need to defend Taiwan, because they are told so by their governments.

Why? That is a terrible idea. Lets take some time to review facts, not propaganda.

Defending Taiwan in a war with China makes no sense, and the belief that is it the 'right thing to do' (aka democracy vs communism) is illogical propaganda.

It is clearly based on propaganda when:

  • people believe fabrications as fact

  • people are willing to sacrifice their own well-being, livelihoods, and to die for something their government tells them to do, even through it goes against all reason and logic

Reminder - the Vietnam 'war'

This is a repeat of the Vietnam war, all based on propaganda, with the allied nations committing mass war crimes and genocide for no reason.

The mass genocide and killings of millions of Vietnamese in their homes and villages at the hands of US, UK, Canda and Australia, was all for nothing and based completely on propaganda.

The justification for the Vietnam war:

  • Vietnam is communist government, and we cannot accept that (what? why?!)

  • The US secretly sunk their own ship and blamed 'communist Vietnam', hence war (and the populations believed it!)

The US dropped millions of bombs on villages, killed millions of civilians, tried to burn every living human, tree and plant with napalm, tried to kill every living thing with the most gross chemical weapons of 'agent orange', and then the more deadly and toxic 'agent blue' that still kills people today and remains in the soil and rivers today. It is the most gross genocide and set of war crimes, all for nothing, except to make weapons producers money.

Of course, the 'allies' were driven out eventually, mostly due to being bankrupted (hence causing the default on their debt, and triggering the 'gold shock' - not paying any debts and delinking gold as currency). But only after killings millions of people for no reason (but a lot of weapons companies got rich).

Communist Vietnam went about recovering their country. In the US, UK, Canada, Australia, nobody was ever charged with genocide or war crimes.

Of course, communist Vietnam is a well run country, a peaceful and properous place. Communism is good, and, of course, any country can be run any system they want.

The allied 'veterans' of Vietnam, an entire generation of men who were forcefully rounded up in mandatory drafts and sent over to kill people, were immediately ignored by the governments, and left to fend for themselves once they returned. Most had sever mental illness, PTSD, horrific injuries, and ended up homeless.

What is Taiwan?

Taiwan is the refuge of the KMT, brutal rulers, who controlled all the land in China, and brutally kept hundreds of millions of people as a slave peasant underclass for their use. All the land was owned by the tiny majority of the KMT political elite. Not only keeping hundreds of millions in essentially slavery, they regularly massacred the peasants, such as the Nanjing massacre, and Shanghai massacre.

Of course, the USA supplied the KMT with weapons to maintain this system, and the weapons used to massacre the Chinese peasants.

In a just world, USA would be tried for funding and arming brutal dictators, and the KMT would by tried for genocide and crimes against humanity.

In one of the most inspiring and courageous uprisings in history, and against all odds, the peasants, just by sheer numbers and a belief of freedom, with no money, many with not even shoes, and with some old guns, managed to overthrow the ruling class and return land, and the country, to the majority. This represents one of the greatest moments of freedom in human history. The peasants took a massive toll in lives to accomplish this.

Subsequently, they formed a communist government, and eventually worked out policies and governance to produce the most impressive 'golden age' in all of human history. They created wealth across the entire peasant class, pulled the entire peasant class of a billion people out of poverty, and produced the greatest leap in wealth across middle class in all of human history. This was done by the peasants with no education.

And this golden age was realized without colonialism, which is what western powers for hundreds of years have relied on for wealth. The so called 'democracies' invaded, massacred, and controlled other countries for wealth. In opposite fashion, the Chinese communist system did all this without any colonialism, just based on pure honest hard work, peace, and trade.

The KMT should have been eliminated, however they escaped to Taiwan, and the US protected them (i.e. sold them weapons).

So why are the western powers calling for 'regime change' in China, and that communism must be overthrown? It makes no sense. It the greatest and most peaceful rise in all of human history, also providing wealth and prosperity all across the globe, and supporting all the economies of the western powers with peaceful trade. It is generated wealth for all people across US, UK, Canada, and Australia as well.

So there is obviously no reason for war. But western powers and Taiwan seek war. War is driven by governments who are funded by the military armaments companies. So the goal is war with China.

None of these countries, Taiwan, US, UK, Canada, Australia, care about their civilians who will be drafted up to die for their war. Civilians to theese governments are just the equivalent of what the Chinese peasants were, people that can be used to fight wars, die for them, and make money for them. And the poor kids drafted up and sent to die are told by their governments they are heroes! (and they sadly believe it)

Taiwan goal of war should not be supported

The most logical way forward is for Taiwan to peacefully accept defeat, and reunify with China. So why is the Taiwanese leader purposely following the path to war?

Reunification would benefit all Taiwanese people. Taiwan's largest trading partner is China, and China is sitting 100km away. Reunification would benefit the people in western countries as well, as it has been for 50 years by peace and trade will prevail.

So why is the government of Taiwan, and the governments of western powers (US, UK, Canada, Australia), calling for war rather than reunification when it does not benefit their people? War would wipe out Taiwan, kill millions of Taiwanese, and cause huge deaths in the western kids drafted up to go fight.

We have the same conditions of propaganda:

  • governments have told everyone that communism is evil and must be eliminated (even though that makes no sense, but populations believe it yet again!)

  • US needs war and weapons sales, to drive up the military industrial complex that funds the governments of western powers and Taiwan

So we have the same situation as Vietnam: 'democractic' governments are promoting war that is illogical and will undermine the properity of their own people for the benefit of corporations.


  • Communism is a successful and peaceful model in China and Vietnam

  • The western democracies demanded and got war against Vietnam, and now the same for China because they are 'communist'

  • War will be waged by the governments, against the will of the people, will undermine the lives of the people, and will draft up kids across the western powers to die for the war, just like Vietnam

  • In democracies, the people have no say on war, there is no vote, the governments will start the war via false flag operations or by dictate, and in secret

  • Western powers are essentially colonial in nature, and wealth is derived colonially (control of oil across iraq, afghan, syria, libya are just the recent ones).

  • Propaganda from the military funded governments can easily convince the population to join wars based on fabrications and false flags, even though the populations themselves don't realize they are being used and will suffer

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Written by   194
1 year ago
Topics: History, Politics, World
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"Western populations believe they need to defend Taiwan" - No, we believe we need to defend Taiwan, because unlike Mainland China, Taiwan allows at least some freedom of speech and expression.

Unlike in China (and Vietnam), you don't get sent to a labour camp for criticizing the Communist regime. Democracy may be extremely flawed, but at least we have the right to criticize our corrupt and incompetent governments.

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1 year ago

But....US has the largest prison labour camps in the world, over 2 millions prisoners forced to work for corporations and government (called 'involuntary servitude') for nothing.... larger in number than China ...with 1/5th the population. This is human rights violations on a scale never seen before in history, not in China or Russia or anywhere. I am sure you can find some cases where critics go to prison in all countries, like US, which has life prison and torture if you publish US war crimes, or Australia which has federal raids and prison of journlists that dare to publish Australian war crimes.... what is 'free speech' when publishing facts, truths, and war crimes, are the largest crimes?

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1 year ago

Are you from Vietnam, right? You would not be the first Vietnamese person i know, who is STILL fighting the war against USA in his head (despite the fact you won it 45 years ago).

If you cant learn how to forgive, then the war in your head will continue till eternity.

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1 year ago

Quite ironically, Vietnam is one of the most pro-USA Asian countries today. So he really is an outlier.

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1 year ago