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The West meets KARMA

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1 year ago
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USA, the worst performing nation in the pandemic

USA purposefully did not implement any of the fundamental pillars of basic pandemic response procedures: quarantine, testing and contact tracing.

Why not?

By January 7, 2020, 8 days after unusual pneumonia was reported to Beijing by Wuhan health, I knew the the virus was spreading human to human airbourne and through the eyes. I knew because..... I read it on Jan 7, 2020. That is what Gao Fu, Director of Chinese CDC, leading epidemiologist on the fact finding mission in Wuhan reported and published, because he caught it through the eyes!

In USA, arrogance led to dismissing all Chinese reports and research, and rejected all Chinese publications, and would not accept any Chinese data or research! By the way, Gao Fu has a PhD from Oxford University, and associate of US National Academy of Sciences and US National Acedemny of Medicine.

16 Months Later, on May 9th, 2021, the US CDC acknowledged airborne transmission! This is 16 months after China reported it, published it in the Lancet, and the rest of the world knew, and after the virus spread (through the air!) across all of USA making it the epicenter of the diseases.

By Jan 3rd, 2020, the complete genome was identified by Chinese scientisists, and by Jan 7, 2020 it was fully sequenced and uploaded to the NIH GeneBank with full worldwide access. This allowed test kits to be produced.

USA was focused on pharma company profits, and how to leverage this for geo-political gain.

The US rejected chinese research, rejected the WHO advice, defunded the WHO, and rejected all international test kits. They were to make their own test kits via the CDC (yes the CDC revolving door of Pharma company execs), and monopolise the test kit profits. The US rejected collaborating on vaccines, and called China the enemy! Hence US testing did not start until the virus was all across the US.

Geo-politically, the US shut off Chinese flights. So the virus entered from Europe, which was completely open, no quarantine, no testing, no contact tracing.

KARMA! The US quickly became, and still is, the worst affected nation on the planet, while being the richest, it performed worse for the population than all countries including impoverished countries. The UN calls it genocide, since corruption and profit seeking directly caused 600,000 deaths and counting. These are also under-reported, and it is estimated to be 1,000,000 deaths.

Even worse, the US then went about spreading the disease willfully and arrogantly to Japan, South Korea, Australia, and other nations via military and civilians, and the US required their military skip testing when they enter these countries!

While Australia banned their own citizens from coming back home, in violation of the human rights charter it has signed, it lets US infected military personal cycle in and out without question. Just last week, in May 2021, US infections were caught in military personal coming to Darwin. By the way, Australia even bans citizens from leaving the country, even with valid work and study visas!

KARMA will surely continue for US, UK and Australia.

Playing politics over supply chains

US and Allies used the pandemic to claim moving supply chains out of China needs to be done. So they started moving to India!

Obviously the opposite is the truth, if you wanted a resilient supply chain, you would double dow in China, since they are best performing nation. They had a 3 month factory lockdown acorss Hubei and shutdown from Feb to April. Then factories resumed, no more Covid, and output back to normal. China also tested every person in Wuhan, so they know it worked, as opposed to any other country where they do not test everyone.

China supply chains have been back to normal for over 12 months now.

Western countries deperately moved supply chains to India, using Covid as a cover for undermining the Chinese economy.

KARMA! This backfired spectacularly, and companies deserve the results, as India suffered a huge wave of Covid. Companies trying to disrupt and undermine China got disrupted themselves in a nice case of KARMA.

This was to be expected, simple based on that China implemented standard pandemic controls, while India didn't.

India treated migrant workers as slaves, with lockdowns forcing millions to walk 100s of miles home with no shoes or food, in a digrace that caused more deaths than Covid. China lockdown had everyone stay home, and were provided food for free.

China tested everyone, 12 million in Wuhan, 12 million in Beijing, 12 million in Tianjiin, etc. India did not. China used GPS and bluetooth advanced contract tracing with AI, India does not. China has vaccinated 500 million people, India has not, and played politics with people's lives by denying them Chinese vaccines that were available.

Attempts to Undermine China

In a desperate attempt to undermine Chinese development, technology and progress, US banned all sales of computer chips and equipment that had any US origin, even from overseas companies. This blocked the China handphone and telco industry and 5g rollouts by using TSMC, ASML, Qualcomm, Google and others as geopolitical tools to block all sales to Chinese companies including Huawei and ZTE (Colonialism 101).

This is of course against all international rules, laws, and markets, and colonial style attempt to keep China down.

As KARMA, worldwide chip shortage occurred due to cutting off the largest manufacturer of equipment and software, and caused a worldwide, desperate stockpiling of chips from not just China, but US companies, EU companies and others around the world. This impacted US factories. The US assumes the harm to the world economy, and it's own, is neccessary to keep China down.

As KARMA, now the world is more dependent on Taiwan, which can't meet world capacity without China. US and Taiwan push for war. Likely Taiwan will be wiped out in a war, with huge numbers of dead from US and Allies. Taiwan has presumably made deals with US and allies like Australia to forcefully draft up kids to fight for Taiwan 'against the communists', in a repeat of the Vietnam war. All this to keep China down in textbook Colonialism. This will cause more suffering worldwide, mostly to the Taiwanese, then to US and Allies.

Vaccine Profiteering

China joined Covax, treated vaccines as a global good, and has shipped 700 million vaccine doses to 90 countries.

While the US and UK joined together as the only two countries in the world to reject Covax and Vaccines as a global good, saying they will enforce through sactions all patents.

Then the US tried a secret hostile takeover of the German company Biontech for the patents of their vaccine. We can only thank German executives for rejecting the money.

USA again spent huge amounts of public money, $2.1 billion USD of tax payer money in operation warp speed, to develop vaccines, while then turning around and granting patent rights to monopolize the distribution and profits. The citizens who paid for it, now have to pay monopoly prices for the vaccines they funded!

The US has provided essentially no vaccine help around the world, while being the richest country.

The US blocked ingredients to India to prevent India from manufacturing large quantities of vaccines, so US could sell at large profits. This directly led to the current calamity in India.

The US has donated a tiny 3 million vaccines.

The US hoarded Astra Zeneca, then when countries blocked it's use due to alarming blood clots forming that were killing recipients due to weak trials, the US pretended to be generous and proposed donate them away! (by the way, they had a big press release about the donation, but the donation still has not happened).

KARMA! China and Russia vaccines are better than Astra Zeneca in efficacy (92%) and are being provided as a global good. Sputnik was the first vaccine to undergo and publish full phase 3 trials, and is better than Astra Zeneca. Most countries are surviving on China and Russia vaccines. Indonesia purchased 125 million sinovac vaccines. Cambodia got 1.7 million free sinopharm vaccines, and paid $10 each for 10 million more. China has vaccinated 500 million people. India purchased Sputnik. Chile, UAE, and many others rely on China and Russia.

KARMA will surely continue to hit US and UK back.

US propaganda attempts

The mass US propaganda engine of the pentagon, state department, and CIA, estimated to be funded at over $50 billion per year, with hooks into all social media, traditional media, 'think tanks', and overseas media like Voice of America. Reddit's own analysis recoded 80% of all voting from the pentagon (Virgina location).

The US focused on fabricating a debunked report that the virus was made and released by the Wuhan Virology Lab (yes, the lab was also funded by the US). The entire proof presented was that the carpark was empty one day.... which meant there had to be a disaster happen at the Lab!? Of course, this was debunked online immediately after the pentagon and state department released it.... the carpark was empty because it was a Chinese holiday.

Good job USA...about as good as the Vietnam war propaganda (they sunk their own ship and blamed it on 'communists'!), Iraq War 1 propaganda (fabricated testimony that babies were being snatched our of prams by Iraqi's!), Iraq War 2 propaganda (fabricated weapons by 'weapons inspectors'!), Syria (fabricated stories of chemical weapons use), etc, etc.

KARMA! The world laughs at US state department now, and laughts at all the US media outlets that have reported all these debunked stories for 50 years.

US China Exclusion Policy

US is so desperate to undermine China to maintain hegemony, it excluded it from the internation space station!

KARMA! China just put the first piece of their own space station in orbit, and will have their own complete space station in 2 years. And now USA in whining about Chinese space launches, and complaining China will have a robotic arm on their station!

US is so deperate to spread China xenophobia and racism, they pull Chinese students from university, charge them with espionage without evidence, make them go through a trial, then drop all charges and release them.

KARMA! Chinese are rejecting US universities, and US is deperately trying to woo them back to get their money! You can't make this is funny to see the US desperately trying to take Chinese money while preparing for war using China sanctions (the first stage of war) and anti-China propaganda to prepare the war mindset and public support (next phase of war).

The US abused the system of international arrest warrants for political purposes by arresting the CFO of Huawei...for a political law passed by US congress (not common law). A fabricated case based on a US poitical law that says you can't sell things to Iran! The precedent is that any country can pass a law, then arrest any foreigner for violation of that law! Canada and the US have made a mockery of law and order.

KARMA! Canada has 2 of their citizens detained in the same way. Ironically Canada is crying about it when the same thing is done to their citizens! You can't make this up! Whenver China does the same as the west, the west cries foul!

US chooses to invade the Netherlands

US pretends there is an 'internation order' and 'rules based system', then invades countries for communism and oil.... or if they propose to investigate your crimes!

US are proven to have committed fabricated testimony to justify invasions to the world at the UN.

US are proven to have committed war crimes in multiple countries...on tape evidence.

The US already sanctioned judges, and family members, of the ICC, because they might investigate US war crimes.

The US response....the US passed a law that if the ICC even investigates (already proven and on-tape) war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US will invade the Netherlands! Good way to handle the upholding of law and order USA!

KARMA! All this is so blatently defying international rules, law and order, and reason, that China, Russia, and the rest of the world are laughing at this sitatuation, and US has no moral authority any more.

I would to see China and Russia force a war crimes case at the ICC and see the US invade the Netherlands!

US Trade War - WTO

US pretends to operate in a rules based world order, but the rules don't apply to them.

US initiated a Trade War with China in 2019, already ruled illegal by the WTO, to undermine China's economy.

The US had so many cases against it, and were losing so many, that the US blocked all judges being confirmed to the WTO Panel, so the WTO couldn't handle cases. The US effectively dismanted the WTO to attack China.

That is the US upholding international rules.

The US pretended and fabricated that ZTE and Huawei had backdoors, and completely banned them, then pressued all allies to do the same. Australia, Canada, UK abliged, while noting that there were no backdoors, and providing no evidence of such (i.e. purely political in nature violating international law).

US Trade War - Blockades

While all US companies, from Boeing to Apple, are 'dual-use' selling to the military, the US bans and sanctions Chinese companies for the same.

US not only violates WTO, but blocks imports of chinese goods in an attempt to undermine China's economy.

In addition, US blocks all companies to sell to Chinese companies, undermining their own companies in a deperate attempt to undermine the Chinese economy.

US attempts to undermine the Chinese from taking larger percentages of chip making are using the full force of military and government to do colonial style blockades to prevent Chinese advancing in technology.

KARMA will indeed once again prevail, as in many other industries the US attempts to blockade and prevent Chinese advancement. Competing solely by colonial style blockades will not work when China produces more talent and has greater manufacturing skill and talent than the US. It is a sad state of affairs as the US resorts to undermining rule of law and basic principals in favor of war and undermining prosperity to remain a hegemon.

Chinese chip companies will advance to do basic economics, being the worlds largest producer and consumer of chips. The demise of US chip companies will be faster due to dirty tactics like this .... KARMA!

The US, along with Taiwan, have caused the worldwide chip shortage by blocking all shipments to China, including manufacturing tooling. So desperate to undermine China, the US has undermined it's own factories, which now have chip shortages, and car factories have gone offline as a result...KARMA.

The US decided China was the new enemy, the US government official policy is for regime change in China! Why? Because communism must be destroyed! We heard that over and over again 60 years ago, and thousands drafted by force, sent to die in Vietnam to defeat communism. Well...communism won, and Vietnam is peaceful and better managed than western invaders.

KARMA! US 'allies', South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, India, Filipines, all have much larger, peaceful, trade with China than USA. USA completely relies on War and Military might, not trade, to keep partners. But this will unravel, in the end, economics wins.

All Chinese has to do it do the same back at USA, and the irony is seen. It is funny to see China start to 'sanction' USA in the same way.... US squeals and throws a temper tantrum when the same is done to them... like they are the only ones allowed to make rules.

Pathetic Attempt to show Chinese 'Genocide'

The US propaganda engine has been given the task to convine the West there is genocide in Xinjiang. As the pentagon puts it, this is the strategy to forment a revolt in the western region of China to undermine the Government and Country.

Now the US defines genocide, not by it's meaning of large scale killing, but 'cultural genocide'! The US considers there is Uigur genocide because the Chinese offer free Chinese lessons...and compulsory schooling (just like every country). This is 'cultural genocide' according to USA! Of course it is a joke, however it allows their media to link 'genocide' with 'China' which is the goal.

The propaganda is laughable, although westerns read the headlines, and it works every time.

I have never heard of a genocide where population has doubled in 20 years, and poverty rates have been elimated!

All the 'reports' are from Adrian Zenz, the Christian missionary on a mission to take down communism! USA calls him an expert and academic researcher! He takes Chinese data, then changes the numbers, then publishes absurd claims.

It is funny to see the 5-Eyes (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) all claiming genocide of muslims when those very 5 nations have been killing muslims for oil for 60 years across Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Lybia.

While muslim nations, which are the first to stand up for mulim rights, say there is no genocide. It is obviously geo-political propaganda.

For the report splashed across all western news media that claims sterilization of Uigurs, Zenz took normal Chinese government data, multiplied numbers by a factor of 10 for the Xinjiang region, then claimed there was mass sterilization! But of course it was on every western new media immediately.

For the report of mosques getting destroyed, with a picture of a mosque with rubble outside...turns out the mosque was under repair.

For the report of detention camps all through Xinjiang...the satelite photos with buildings marked as 'holocaust style genocide camps'....90% have been identified so far ..... as regular schools, preschools, churches.

For the video of people getting on buses to go to work in other areas...Zenz and the media claimed they were slaves forced onto buses to work for nothing! That is how everyone goes to work in China, India, and most of Asia. Company buses also take Google employees to work in San Francisco!

There are worse labor conditions in Singapore, where migrants are rounded up from the poorest regions of poor countries, shuttled over to Singapore, provided horrible dorms, paid a fraction of living wage, and their passports are withheld. Yet western nations say nothing about that.

Not to mention the worlds largest involuntary servitude system using prison labor for free .... in the USA. The UN calls it modern day slavery, and 2.2 million in prisons, and more from immigration detention camps by immigration department (ICE). This involuntary servitude labor is used for labor to produce military gear and police gear...ironically.

KARMA! US hypocracy and propaganda is well know, and laughed about all around the world. Western media is known as just military propaganda. This is why real journalists, like Assange, Manning, Snowden, and others have USA senators openly calling for their assassination (again violation of international rights and rules).

KARMA! China knows this game, and consumers boycotted brands that follow US government propaganda! Good for them.

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Written by   194
1 year ago
Topics: Politics, News, Thoughts
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You sound like a Chinese propaganda machine, either way, I think this is just another typical war communism vs capitalism. both sides trying to say they are the best. Don't worry Bitcoin BCH as a peer-to-peer currency will solve both.

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1 year ago

what is chinese propaganda here? these are my own thoughts based on first principals and the facts i read. i am happy to follow up on things you think are false.

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1 year ago

it is just that when I read it is like or I feel like I am reading from a propaganda machine, I feel like you are putting China in a too positive way. I guess I have been brainwashed long enough.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Chinese propaganda. You are very much uninformed.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

partially true, but indeed far from being unbiased

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1 year ago

Partially true equates to false or haven't you noticed?

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1 year ago

its true they have mismanaged it - but not for the reasons listed there

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1 year ago