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Rebuttal of Joshua Zimmerman on Covid

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9 months ago

Joshua, american lawyer masquerading as a fake know it all epidemiologist, proposes to let the virus rip through hong kong in article published to the South China Morning Post.

I can't tell if this article -

  • is written as a joke or sarcasm by Joshua

  • is published by SCMP to mock Joshua and the US

  • is published SCMP just trying to be 'fair' and publish absurd american views

  • is a USA/CIA attempt to take down Hong Kong by trying to convince people to open up and destroy their health and economy (not out of the realm of possibility)

  • is paid and planted by Pfizer advocating mass infection so their vaccines and drugs can get more take up (typical US Pharma strategy)

Joshua has no credentials, he is a lawyer from Washington DC! That puts him most likely to be clueless, an idiot american, arrogant and ignorant, claims to know what is the best policy for China, blinded by US government thought, wants no more infection disease masks! no quarantine! no social distancing! no vaccine requiremnts!

Joshua is advocating for the US strategy called 'let it rip', or 'heard immunity', in Hong Kong so that the virus spreads to everyone as 'endemic' and normal, like the common cold. He thinks Hong Kong has terrible policy, even though it world leading in health metrics, while the US is a disaster. The US rejected all medical advice from their own CDC and from the world and WHO, and will have 1 million people dead from Covid, Joshua thinks this is what Hong Kong needs!

Joshua is also advocating typical US views from the corrupt FDA, that prevention should be disregarded and avoided, only so called 'cures' ... which are monopoly priced drugs from Pharma companies. Every other normal, honest, health system advocates preventitive health.

But vaccines are not even remotely 'cures', they may help 7 in 10 people from going to the hospital. Many will die. Millions will stay home from work sick. Millions will remain sick for years. This is a disastrous policy and thought.

Everything Joshua points out is false, obviously. The US policy is abject failure, Hong Kong policy is a successful. Put simply, Hong Kong death rate is 28 per million, US death rate is over 2500 deaths per million.

Americans I know have suddenly disappeared....after catching Covid they have severe illness for months unable to work, and then have 'long covid' symptoms that will persist for year(s), including loss of taste causing severe loss of life enjoyment and causing severe mental stress, as well as chills and aches, and tiredness. How can anyone advocate infecting a population?

The US explicity and purposefully rejected the CDC and the WHO advice to let the disease spread. US intentionally did not implementing basic pandemic response procedures. The US specifically did none of the most basic measures

  • quarantine (US did not do it)

  • social distancing (US just 'recommended' it, no enforcement)

  • lockdown (US did none)

  • mask wearing (US did not do it, citizens intentionally sneeze and cough on people)

The US has never cared about public health. The US does not provide universal health care, preferring to let people die for corporate profits. The US will happily swamp americans with cheap heroin marketed as pain killers causing the 'opiod epidemic' killing 70 thousand a year ... purely for corporate profits.

The US has never cared about people. Homelessness is normal, it runs the largest prison forced labor system in the world, and kills millions of innocent people around the world in genocides and war crimes for control of resources in other countries.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong, like China, runs an a world class pandemic response system, backed by science, with excellent quarantine system, health care system, has contact tracing, and universal mask wearing, based on proven policy from health expert recommendations.

Joshua, the american lawyer, thinks Hong Kong expert committee of epidemiologists are all wrong!

Here are things we can laugh at Joshua, and americans, about:

Joshua: "most Covid-19 conventional wisdom is wrong and most coronavirus policies are dumb"

No, conventional wisdom is correct, and most policies are effective, normal, smart, proven and based on science and health.

Why does SCMP even publish dumb Joshua?

Joshua: "a sociological disaster – a jumble of fear, confusion and bad politics"

What?? The US is driving the bad politics, confusion, and fear around the world. Hong Kong is doing things as recommended by WHO and epidemiologists.

The US is purposefully exporting the virus around the world, via the military, such as in Japan and Philipines. The US purposely caused the outbreak in Australia via Fedex pilots and staff from USA infected, not tested, not vaccinated, spread it to a taxi driver in Sydney, and caused Sydney to lockdown for 4 months and cause $1 billion a week economic damage.

Joshua, echoing US disinformation, pretends the virus is not real in the face of all evidence from every country in the world, and from the WHO, which is made of experts from many countries.

Of course, Joshua, like the US, rejects the WHO. The US even rejected test kits from WHO, purposely letting the virus spread undetected in the US. The corrupt FDA decided the US must 'regulate' test kits, meaning it will wait and use preferred companies granted monopoly market status to make money and kickbacks.

Joshua: "Here is all you need to know about Covid-19"

Typical American arrogance and ignorance combined into one! From someone not qualified to even write an article about it.

Here are Joshua's 10 reasons why Hong Kong should let the virus rip in Hong Kong, and just let everyone get infected:
(The strategy that has already been proven absurd by all countries and all virus modeling)

Joshua: 1 . don't care about new variants

False. Plenty of evidence showing new variants are due to US blocking countries having access to vaccines, and new variants reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

Joshua: 2. don't need any testing

Every other country disagrees, so do epidemiologists, so does the CDC, and WHO. Why are there test kit shortages due to people wanting the buy tests?

Testing is a basic tool in pandemics, why am I still reading Joshua??

Joshua: 3. don't need to care about case numbers

This guy must love Donald Trump...the less tests, the less virus there is! Great solution!

Every other country disagrees...i can't tell if this is satire...?

Joshua: 4. don't care that fatalities are rising... yes, some people will die, yes, lots of unvaccinated people will die, but who cares

Typical american... human life, and health care, is not needed, just corporate profits.

Does Joshua know most people in the world are unvaccinated?

Does Joshua know vaccinations may prevent just 7 in 10 from the disease?

With vaccinations, it is still prudent for basic preventative measures to prevent disease spread. But in the US, prevention is discouraged by the FDA, due to overwhelming corruption of FDA by Pharma companies. Joshua is echoing US disinformation that rejects prevention is favor of high priced 'medication'.

Joshua: 5. don't isolate if you are positive

Isolating is done for the flu, and for every virus, and is standard practice of course.

Isolation prevents the spread and saves sickness, hospitalization, and lives.

Joshua thinks, like americans, 'freedom' means free to cough on people, 'freedom' means free to not cover your nose when you sneeze, 'freedom' means free go to work with the flu or Covid... that is the american way! (along with not providing universal health care).

Joshua: 6. don't need masks

Do I really have to rebut this? Masks have been known as the best prevention for a thousand years, just the same a covering your nose when you sneeze.

Every country serious about healthcare of citizens requires masks. Every person wears a mask in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China...all the places with low covid rates, good economies, and low deaths...and places that care about health care and people.

Joshua: 7. don't need social distancing

Do I really have to respond? This is standard practice for a thousand years for diseases. Every country, maybe except US, does it. It prevents spread and human suffering.

Joshua: 8. don't need lockdowns

Lockdowns are standard tool to prevent spread, and proven extremely successful.

China successfully contained the outbreak in 3 months back in the start of 2020 via lockdowns. This successfully contained the outbreak in a short time, so that it did not spread, and allowed life and work to resume.

So did all countries.

In Australia, it is the most locked down country in the world, used the most strict lockdowns in the world to remain virus free.

Joshua says lockdowns failed...with no evidence of course, because the opposite it true. Lockdowns succeeded to stamp out the virus and allow the full economy to return soon after. The shorter, faster lockdown approach was shown to be better economically than having the long 'heard immunity' target, where the economy continues to stagnate with rampant infections, like the US, continually taking businesses offline.

In China, the economy recovered faster than US due to it's 3 month lockdown then return to normal, compared to US that let the virus run rampant for years.

Joshua: 9. don't do remote learning

Joshua doesn't care about child preventable deaths and hospitalizations...we got that point already. Preventable child deaths don't need to be prevented according to Joshua!

Joshua: 10. don't use vaccine passports

Joshua doesn't believe in quarantine, or testing, or requiring vaccines to travel!

Every country disagrees with him. I wonder how many countries Joshua has visited with no vaccination certificate?

Joshua thinks Hong Kong's Covid policies are failures, even though the numbers are already in, proving all his points false.

Hong Kong death rate is 28 per million, US is over 2500 deaths per million.


Joshua: "When will the madness end?"

The only madness is your proposed policies, the so called 'heard immunity' or 'let it rip' strategy that has been derided all over the world.

Joshua should go back to USA, and leave Hong Kong to sane people, and remain virus free.

Hong Kong has the best policies and implementation in the world, the people enjoy the freedom (health wise and economic wide) that comes with smart policy.

Joshua ends with "also, there is Pfizer's Paxlavid" to solve everything. So maybe this is a planted/paid story by Pfizer... let it rip, create fear and death, and force sales of Pfizer drugs that don't really do much....typical USA.

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Written by   194
9 months ago
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Everywhere it is the same, this is the 5th time today alone I'm hearing about useless Pfizer's vaccine.. however, I do agree to the fact that they released vaccines CLEARLY stating the fact that they do not stop he virus but just stop the hospitalization.. which means vaccined people still can get the virus but it's impact would be mild to moderate.. seriously tired of this pandemic, I really hope some miracle happens and we all come out of this nightmare soon as we not only fight the virus but also the bureaucrats and morons in the governments of the world.

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9 months ago

Whatever protocols mandated, we will follow it because it is just for the sake of our health 🤗

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9 months ago

It sad to say that this pandemic, poor people is the #1 affected mostly. Sometimes thosenpoor one cant avail the vaccination too

$ 0.10
9 months ago

Here in the Philippines, our beloved President are really concerned with his fellow filipinos. The vaccine is really big help for us although its not a cure but it can protect us. US got a lot of cases, people died because of covid. Hope soon this pandemic will end. One thing is the cause of this pandemic is money and power.

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9 months ago

people like this person will keep the pandemic forever, and try to spread it more, especially to poor and vulnerable people :(
he tries to tell hong kong to let the virus in .... bad person ... maybe he just wants chinese people to die ... so sad :(

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Bad attitude. Although not all chinese are bad, hope he dont generalized. We filipinos really prayed that soon the pandemic will stops. All we want to live longer so that we can spend more time to our families..

$ 0.00
9 months ago

When the pandemic is just new in our country, we keep on talking that maybe this pandemic was planned. Yes, we have different opinions but this is somewhat advantage to rich countries. Btw, thank you so much for your support:)

$ 0.00
9 months ago

feels like it was planted honestly

$ 0.00
9 months ago