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News Commentary, April 2022

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5 months ago

The best way to understand world affairs is to understand those in power are completely mentally different to you or I. Those in high power play a game, where war and killing millions of civilians is part of it, they feel nothing, they just look at the ego power game and the money. These are the leaders of all countries, UK, US, through to all others. It is best to describe them as insane.

We are told from birth to look up to adults, and told to respect leaders, and told government is doing things for the people. Of course everything we are taught and told to believe is propaganda, none of it is true when we look at data and facts. The challenge for us is to think independently, logically, with reason and facts. The facts often show the opposite. And we should check media that is not using data or facts (most US media is based on 'someone said this', without data, without facts). We can assume from history that those in power seek ego, power and money, no other reason, and happily will kill millions of people as part of the game. We don't need to attempt to change this, it will never change, but it can help us understand the world, and help us protect our own lives.

Propaganda often starts with a basis driven into us from birth, which we are not supposed to question. A good example is the word 'democracy' that is used to illicit our agreement and good thoughts. But Democracies are obviously the largest violators of human rights through colonialism, from Spain, France, UK to USA, all of them live by invading and taking resources and money. UK will happily starve to death 100 million Indians after they worked as slaves to produce crops sent to the UK. US will happily kill 1 million Iraq civilians, women and children, to control the oil and all the people's money of Iraq controlled at the NY Fed, based on a completely fabricated evidence for war (that everyone knew was fabricated evidence, yet Colin Powell presented to the UN). The same for Vietnam war, millions of civilians dead for weapons and money, had to sink their own ship to escalate the war, which all the media reported as fact and reason for war. Iraq war 1 the Nayirah Testimony that everyone knew was faked yet the media reported as true and reason for war. The 20 year US Afghanistan war and over 100,000 civilians dead, was nothing but to expand and control drug trade, take the entire Afghan people's money at the NY Fed, and presumable start a war to contain China on the Eastern flank. The US even openly blew up a family on the last day of pulling out and actually said they were terrorists (obviously a war crime) can't even make this up!

Here is how democracy works in Australia: the popular elected prime minister Gough Whitlam was removed from office in a CIA/UK coup for not agreeing on continuing the Vietnam war with US, and closing down the forced conscription of Australian kids into Vietnam war. Whitlam described the Vietnam War as "disastrous and deluded.". He publicly condemned the US bombing of Vietnam as “corrupt and barbaric”, a CIA station officer in Saigon said: “We were told the Australians might as well be regarded as North Vietnamese collaborators.”. Political dictates rules all Australia involvements in wars from Vietnam onwards with no vote.

Normal people couldn't even dream up that these horrors, yet they openly occur constantly for 1000s of years in Democracies and non-Democracies alike, there is no correlation, and analysis of deaths indicate democracies are larger purveyors of terror than others. These keep occurring all the time, and still ongoing today. But of course, we need to understand that people in power are insane, and brains work nothing like normal people. So we can deduce that this will never change, this is the constant state of the world for 1000s of years and will continue forever.

A good example is the Ukraine war.

Western propaganda:

  • 'Putin's war of choice'

  • 'Russian aggression'

Facts - there was a choice, Zelensky chose war, a comedian played by the US and UK to destroy his own country and civilians (was it ignorance? or military contract kickbacks?) :

  • Feb. 22, 2014 “regime change” in Ukraine, plotting the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine’s replacing its democratically elected neutralist Government in February 2014, by a rabidly anti-Russian Government, was a violent event. 2014's Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted elected president Viktor Yanukovych.

  • December 2021, Ukraine and US only two countries to vote against condemning Nazism

  • Ukraine was absent in the UN Human Rights Council vote to stop war crimes in Yemen

  • Sept 2021, Zelensky meets with Biden in the White House, colludes to join NATO (a red line for Russia), and presumable discuss the resulting war and colluding on weapons sales and kickbacks

  • Zelensky pulls out of Minsk Protocol II, rejects the ceasefire, and attacks his own people in Donetsk and Luhansk (a red line for Russia)

  • Zelensky places NATO and US weapons on Russia's border (a red line for Russia)

  • Zelensky refuses all negotiations regarding NATO membership, US and NATO weapons deployed at Russia's border in short range to Moscow, and Minsk Protocol. Intentionally Zelensky chooses war. When the US put weapons in Turkey and Russia responded with weapons in Cuba (the Cuban Missile Crisis - started by the US), JFK negotiated with Russia, both took their weapons away, and it was solved. Of course JFK was shot dead the next time he tried to prevent war, the Vietnam war.

  • The Azov Battalion is a Nazi Regiment of Ukraine using the insignia of the Nazi SS...yet the US is celebrating them and giving them weapons

  • Azov Battalion said themselves they are using women and children as human shields in the Mariupol Siege, which is a war crime, but the US never says so ...even through the US regularly bombs civilians saying they are human shields

  • US fans war by supplying billions in weapons to Ukraine, to expand the proxy war with Russia (at the expense of all the citizens dying, starving and fleeing)

  • US bans any media reporting opposing view points, de-registers licenses for international media, and requires international media to register as 'foreign agents'. US media spreads Zelensky propaganda constantly every day in the mass media. US removes all the prior reporting of Zelensky about the growing Neo-Nazi movement, the widespread corruption, and growing attacks on LGBTQ.

  • US directs (through secret orders from the secret FISA national security court system) all US corporations to ban international viewpoints in Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple.

  • Zelensky bans all males from leaving the country, forcefully requires all males to flight in his war of choice. That puts Zelensky firmly in the camp of insane dictator. This is similar to US and Australia forcefully rounding up their citizens and ship them to Vietnam to mass murder Vietnamese civilians.

Western Propaganda

  • 'the whole world' is on Ukraine's side

Facts , most the world is not on US side

  • Only the small white nationalist colonial nations are on the side of Ukraine, just US and puppets (the '5 eyes'). Europe rejects the US position and continues to buy oil and gas. France and Germany not happy that US keeps perpetuating the war with weapons, rhetoric, and refusal to negotiate. Asia is not on Ukraine's side, except the little US puppet Singapore. The other main powers of India and China do not support the US position. Africa does not support the US position. Maybe 10-15% of the world supports the US position.

  • Singapore is shown to be a US puppet. Singapore actually put sanctions on Russia because "principles of international law and the U.N. Charter, which underscores the respect for territory integrity and sovereignty", and then completely lied "Singapore has been consistent in its stand of firmly opposing any kinds of invasions"
    Singapore supports western invasions of Iraq 1, Iraq 2, Vietnam, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan with no sanctions on the US! Even after US war crimes, crimes against humanity, fabricated evidence, false flag attacks... Singapore actually supported those invasions for 20 years and increased US investment!

  • Most of the world sees the US as the worlds biggest threat to peace, while westerners actually think they are the 'good' people

  • US blocks most international views via secret national security order through the secret court system

  • US blocks Russian media

  • US blocks usage of social media (to opposing views)

  • US blocks Iran Media

  • US blocks Chinese media (because opposing views are 'propaganda')

Western propaganda:

  • largest war since WW2

  • world war 3 coming

Facts , it is a very small war (compared to US wars over the last 60 years)

  • This has been a small scale war on Russia's border

  • the war is only 8 weeks in, compared to 20 years for US in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • UN reports less than 2000 civilians kills in the war, compared to millions at the hands of US invasions

  • Ukraine is a smaller economy than Iraq

  • Ukraine has slightly less people than Iraq

Western propaganda:

  • genocide and war crimes

Facts , nothing compared to western ones

  • War crimes, like any court are held in order. Any Russian war crime will be sitting behind thousands from the US , UK and Australia (which all have video evidence)

  • A new war crime does not mean the other war crimes go away

  • US does not recognize the ICC, the Rome Statute, which is to bring justice to international war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide

  • US sanctioned the ICC

  • US law requires US to invade Netherlands if ICC investigates a US war crime (even though they are all on tape and everyone knows about them)

  • If the US threatens to blow up the court, it does not make the crime go away

  • Just like US crime, 'selective investigation' and 'selective enforcement' is used. It is easy to use 'law' selectively, that is how the US can round up and prison so many people to create the largest forced labor system the world has ever know, just by targeting the poor and black for crimes. Anything can be done to anyone by just selectively applying justice.

  • Typical for West double standards, using systems for their benefit, then dismantle them otherwise

    • ICC (US threatens to blow up if the investigate, but now ask it to investigate Russia)

    • WTO (US illegally adds tariffs, then dismantles the judging panel when there is a case against it, but then asks the court to investigate tariffs against a US corporation that are valid)

So once again, we have the facts showing the opposite of the mass media (western controlled media). It is almost comical that every American has the same views and just repeat the US state department views of everything. But can be expected with almost complete control of media and propaganda.

It seems Zelensky is a puppet of the US. The US told him to violate the agreements of non-NATO membership, pull out of the Minsk Protocol II, and place weapons on Russia's border, and then refuse all negotiations with Russia. Russia attempted many negotiations. Zelensky, backed by Biden, refused all, and decided to fight a war with no regard to his citizens.

The result of Zelensky colluding with US:

Every Ukraine death is a result of Zelenzky
Every starving person is a result of Zelenzky
Every refuge is a result of Zelenzky
Zelensky directly caused his country destroyed.

With Zelensky in secret making billions of dollars in deals for US weapons, US will be extracting severe concessions from Ukraine in debt and land.

Zelensky is selling out Ukraine along with having his country destroyed and citizens killed.

Zelensky, probably due to low intellect, or trying to make money of defense contracts, was played by the US.

Zelensky is a comedian, without expected intellect of a leader.

The US got their weapons contracts, the US got a proxy war started with Russia, and all with no US lives on the line (just lots of Ukraine lives that are meaningless to them).

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Written by   194
5 months ago
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You are generous friend. Tnk you and God bless

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5 months ago

Zelensky is the reason why they are so many dead Ukrainian. One mistake decision would be like this if Zelensky thinks his fellow citizens and negotiating what Baiden wants there is no war happening but it's seems zelenzky has agenda to do this.

Btw thanks for upvoting my latest article.

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5 months ago

What you post here is russian propaganda. I don't ask why do you do it, probably you are russian and feel yourself as information soldier, or maybe you are even paid by russian propaganda machine.

But I"m more curious, why you upvoted my article about Kyiv?

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5 months ago

Wow 😯😯 Thank you so much!You surprised me!!!

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5 months ago

maybe he/she upvoted your article with few bucks, but read this article -that's complete russian propaganda nonsense some points are out context, some are just lies, and some are manipulations

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5 months ago

I am praying that the war will end soon.Coz its not only affect their country but also to other countries also. Anyway ,I wanna say thank yoi for upvoting my work ,it was such a big blessings for me ,a great birthday gift for me🥰

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5 months ago

Thank you so much for your generosity, I'm glad you enjoyed my article!

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5 months ago

Hope they can have a peace of mind of doing such a horrible things that innocent people really the biggest damaged they made. Then how about the latest issue about the scientists? The end of the world is it? Then the government will just ignore the things that could possibly happen to all of us. May god help us to survived.

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5 months ago