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newspaper vendor is the new richest man in the world

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2 months ago

I started watching DharMann videos on YouTube for almost an hour; he is my favorite video maker online because as he said "we're not just telling stories we're changing lives and this certain video caught my attention on how this richest man in the world declared that there is the new richest man in the world.

We all know who is Mr. Bill Gates as I watched this video it melt my heart because it untold the other side of him 35 years ago when he doesn't have 50 cents in his pocket to buy a newspaper.

When the host asked him"how does it feel to be the richest man in the world?" his answer reveal the true meaning of being the richest man in the world.

"That being rich ain't about what you got in the bank it's about what you got in your heart" then he said I am not the richest man in the world it is the same newspaper vendor he knew 35 years ago because even though he struggled in his business what is in his heart is the most valuable thing in the world, is to offer what he only has. After 35 years Mr.Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and he offered this newspaper vendor a blank cheque to buy anything that he wants in life, but to his surprise, he did not accept it and said" he got everything that he want in life"

It is truly amazing that there is some kind of people who will offer what they only have, rather than what they have. Those people who had a lot of money will never give all that they had why because they are afraid to lose everything that they had but those people who are used to having nothing are willing to give what they only have in life because they know the feeling of people who don't have anything.

Money is indeed what we need but what inspired me is this man is being declared the new richest man in the world by the most successful and trillionaire man in the world. It means that this man got more than what Mr.Bill Gates had.

Then after I had watched this news about him it totally means for me that money can't buy a long-lasting relationship, it is just my opinion maybe Mr.Bill Gates is too busy rather hold on to the most valuable things in his life who's with him for the longest time through the rough time when he had nothing, I really don't know the reason why they got divorced in spite of being the richest man in the world.

We really have our own points of view in life and stories to tell I just got inspired by these videos, and remember those people who helped me even if they offered me is the only thing that they had.

I was raised in a very comfortable life but my heart is so empty by the true meaning of life. Then I had been almost suffered a lot and realized that it is the true meaning of life, that we need to surpass and hold on to our faith that everything will be okay with the guidance of our Heavenly Father.

Most of the time I watched inspiring stories and DharMann is one of my favorite in making videos that will change your values in life.

This Project Nightfall is also my favorite actually they were just two in my list.

In there videos I can highly recomend that its worth sharing to show the worl the meaning of true values in life.

It is already 1:49 in the morning here in the Philippines, as I had watched this video my mother-in-law is in my mind also just to share my experienced she had enough money and got 5 children and my partner is the oldest when the time she almost got million most of her children roam around her but now that her money is not that much they left them with us, it is just sad that they are people even children who are ungrateful with there mother, she always mentioned her son who did not even get in touch with her for almost a year even though they were just neighbors, she cried most of the time, plus the fact that nobody wants to take care of her even though she paid enough. She is 80 years old and paralyzed, now my partner is with her to make sure that she is okay by night because my son had a cough and colds right now.That is the reason why I am still awake,worried about my son's condition.

I really hope that this article make sense be safe everyone and if you had time spare with my new article.

This is eve have a nice day everyone.

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Written by   48
2 months ago
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