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dreams and daydreaming

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1 month ago

A dream will be a daydream if we do not make it into reality.

Did you still remember your dreams that you make into a reality?

How did you make your dreams into reality?

What did you feel when your dreams become reality?

It was last week that I had watched a korean novela it is count your lucky star when the lead actor Dao Ming Si as Calvin said to his assistant editor chief that" dream will be a daydream if you can't make it into reality" There are many people who had a dream some make it into reality and some still dreaming to make it into reality.

When I was a grade school student, my dream is to become a novel writer maybe that time I am reading a lot of romantic pocketbooks and I had tried to write romantic stories in my notebook and my friends love to read it in our vacant time and I am inspired to write more because they love it. Most of my stories is about a student who had a crush and their journey on how they become a lover . I was young and most of the things that I really want to do is to write it in my notebook and diaries. When I was in high school I slowly forgot to write in my diaries because of the hectic schedule but as much as possible there are still stories that I made. In college, I also write our script for our stage performances, it was the best feeling that I saw my script and there putting it up into the stage and it is also me who directed it and we all got an A for that performance. After college, my dream is still a dream because I graduated as a midwife not related to my dream as a writer, but still, faith leads me into reading .cash.

Most of us dream for what our heart desires no matter if we achieve it but what matters most is what we did to make it into reality. There was a saying that dream big because it is free, but to make it into the reality you must have a lot of courage to overcome all the rejections and failures to make it.

Set a goal for your dreams. Our goals in life are a pattern of how our dreams will become a reality. Our dreams are the final destinations of our goals and it is the best feeling when we achieve them.

Most people set aside their dreams because of others like the influences of their family but what your heart truly desires in time you will just realize that even if you did not achieve you did your best to make it into reality.

There are a lot of successful stories on how they become successful in life because they dream of it and make it into reality. We really have a lot of dreams in our lives it is a fuel that makes our lives have passion in whatever we want to do in life.

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Written by   37
1 month ago
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I found your article because of the mention @heartbeat1515 made of it, I like the part where you say that dreams will always be dreams if they don't come true.

You already have the soul of a writer and I identify with your story, personally I have a book written in draft for 3 years and I'm still waiting to publish it, every year I say I will publish it and I still don't do it.

It is still a dream that I don't make come true, I must set a date and work to materialize it. I hope your dreams come true. @eve 🙋🏽‍♀️

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1 month ago

thank you for appreciating my article most of the time I lost my passion for writing but people like you inspire me. I am excited to read your book.

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1 month ago