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Why you should NOT retire early

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1 month ago

Every day I read some person from IT field retired in 40s and some even do it at the 35. You can feel why the retirement is going to be a thing as more and more automation is coming in the world.

I am in mid 30s myself. I have yet to feel old or feel young. Its just the middle. I feel extreme anxiety when someone retires. Because may be they can afford that with the family. I personally don't afford it.

So I tried to find the cases where people retired early and observed their life. What worked and what didn't worked for them. This way I wanted to find out if the decision to retire was worth it or not.

Below points that I have listed are based on that observation and retiring early is something I feel it's not a good idea anymore. Not in todays time when things can change overnight for you and the bank.

So do give this article a read and let me know your opinion at the end.

Unpredictable Inflation Cycles

Those who reached 40 or 50 and decided to retire before the pandemic now have experienced the inflation. And now they feel like getting the jobs back again. Every 5 years or so this type of event will happen.

And unless you have a means for some sort of income. You are going to be struggling on many counts. Such inflation cycles are kind of predictable after specific years in one form or another.

We are going to see this if we retire early and unless we have means for income that lasts long. We are not going to be seeing much of the stability in our life. So we have to consider not retiring early if we have limited income.

Boredom from Lack of Stress

If you have spent years working, you would realize that there is going to be boredom that comes when you stop working. Then stress becomes different reason where you would feel all the time if your savings and the money in bank is enough to sustain.

You would also feel worried about what may about to come to your life in upcoming years. You will be surely ending up bored and feel a lot of stress as well. Things would just get more stressed purely because of the boredom.

You will also notice that boredom leads to lethargy and also leads to more or less problems that happen in our life. In order to avoid this type of the stress. You have to give both physical and mental routine a bit of stress.

Health Issues due to Idleness

When you stay idle. You invite a lot of problems. You invite blood pressure. You also invite the sugar. You invite many problems specific to the stomach. Because you are not making mental and the physical movement.

This is the type of idleness issues many people ignored during the pandemic. And they ended up causing the problems to their health. And so idleness needs to be managed. You have to replace small things in routine.

But if you are retired you items for the life are reduced in the life. And you end up having more or less health issues. Because those things are connected in a series of the items which only cause problems.

Lethargy and Future

As we discussed earlier, idleness leads to lethargy, which leads to thought manipulation of our own. And we start to worry and then we invite the health issues. So the future ends up being more chaotic.

In future, new set of the problems that would come up. And we are going to be experience more problems in our life as we move ahead. So we have to be super careful about not letting the lethargy let in our life.

Only way out of this is have something for which you can work for and then let the lethargy go. This way you can build your own future. And this way you can also have content lifestyle in your own life.

There are some good reasons to retire early and there are many issues with that mindset. Each one of us have different life and different way to lead the life further ahead. So we deal with this issue differently.

Hopefully my views on this you would agree, if not, let me know in the comments.

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Written by   99
1 month ago
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I am planning to work until 65. That's the mandatory retirement age for government employees. However, if ever I succeeded in my business, I would probably retire a little earlier. Maybe 60. I'll have two sources of pension by that time, SSS and GSIS. I am still looking for another pension plan. One reason why I can't retire early is that I am supporting my family.

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1 month ago

I plan to retire when I reach my fifties. It is impossible for me to retire in my 30s because I am now 22 and have no direction in life. I wish I had the opportunity to find a steady and long-term job.

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1 month ago

I wouldn't want to retire in my 30s, I think work is a social thing as well then. By retire sometime in my late 50s would be nice!

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1 month ago