Monitoring a BCH address with Tasker (Part 2: Now with more addresses!)

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This is the second part of the Tasker BCH address monitoring tutorial since I wrote the first one several ideas came up and after implementing then I thought it would be nice to share it with you.

Link to Part 1

Improvement #1: What if I want to check more than one address?

Monitoring a single address has its uses, sure, but many of us have wallets like or Electron Cash, or both a and a address.

Calling the REST API once per address to aggregate it's information might be tedious and demotivating... We are lucky to have REST endpoints for aggregating information from multiple addresses!

  • Before:

    • HTTP Request (Method: GET, URL:{your address here}

  • After:

    • HTTP Request (Method: GET, URL:{address1,address2,...}

JSON data from two random addresses at (

So as we can see at the figure on this section, Blockchair's API will return us a new data member called "set" that will give us all this information.

So we can now take the balance and balance_usd fields and have all the information we need to monitor our addresses.

Do you remember that in part 1 we used two JavaScriptlet commands to get this information? Well, today we are going to use just one.

  • Before

    • JavaScriptlet (code: var balance = JSON.parse(global('%JSON')).data.{your addres here}.address.balance;setGlobal( "%BALANCE",balance );)

    • JavaScriptlet (code:
      var usd = JSON.parse(global('%JSON')).data.{your address here}.address.balance_usd;
      setGlobal( "%BALANCE_USD", Math.round(usd*100)/100 );)

  • After

    • JavaScriptlet (code:
      var balance = JSON.parse(global('%JSON')).data.set.balance;
      setGlobal( "%BALANCE",balance );
      var usd = JSON.parse(global('%JSON')).data.set.balance_usd;
      setGlobal( "%BALANCE_USD", Math.round(usd*100)/100 );

The rest of the code remains the same and everything will work fine. And that's it!

Future Work

  • Showing different BCH units at the notification when a Tx happens. (Satoshi, Bits, Ror, mBCH, BCH...)

  • Create a UI for making it easier to manage addresses

Accepting suggestions at the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

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Written by
2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
Topics: How To, Crafting, Hacking
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