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The mid-year starts

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7 months ago

Hi everyone, how's everyone doing. I barely have time to write here lately because I've been busy at work and when I come home, my drive to write a draft dwindles as I feel to tired when I come home due to distant travels. When I think of it, I missed the friends that I have here in read, the lively conversations that we used to have in our comment sections that really helped my grow as an aspiring writer here in read

And now, I want to distract myself even though I felt a bit tired at the moment. I never knew that May would still grant me an amazement in life. I am super thankful to as it helped me survive in my daily expenses while waiting for our salary. Thank you Rusty for the generosity, I'd always appreciate it.

For last month,

I know I could still do better than what I've been through last month but as I see my earnings, I can't help but be happy to myself. That atleast I'm still able to have these despite my current situation.

As I've said last month, I really wanted to write everyday or atleast 25 articles but I failed it, again haha. But I am still happy that I made it to 15 articles despite being busy and being overwhelmingly tired, haha. And I still made a decent earnings, which was used eventually to sustain my expenses while working. I am so happy that read has given me a chance to be an independent person, for now. I've never borrowed from my parents ever since my job started.

And now, as this new month unfolds,

I am so happy that it been a brand new chapter of opportunities, and that it's a great day at work. I've bonded with my work/teammates very well and I am so happy that I have a very supportive and understanding teammates. They make me feel like having an extra motivation that makes me wanna come to work.

Now we're almost a month of being together, who would've known that we'd still be a good fit with each other, considering it was 5 months before we got a chance to work with them once again. We are so happy and blessed along with my friend who is near me, that we were given a chance to have great moments with them once again.

To think, we're still able to crack some smiles and laughters even though we had very little budget for ourselves since our salary has not arrived yet.

Now, for this month

Challenges will always come around and arise as situations suggest, but I am confident in my team that we will make it through and that will continue to have a productive day with each other despite certain limitations that we may encounter along the way. I just hope that I will grow more confident each day, as our work is related to customer service and we meet strangers everyday to register for the National ID System of the Philippines.

Author's Notes:

I will always be thankful to God, that I made it through my first month at work despite being assigned from a distant town from ours. And that I am forever thankful to my workmates who are always there for me and always helps me when I am in need of help and never thinks of me like I am different from them. May the obstacles in life that we may encounter continue to help us grow within ourselves as well as in how we deal with others.

I'll always do my best to make much of a presence here, to my dearest supportive read friends, much love to you all. Thank you for being my comfort here.

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Written by   56
7 months ago
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Still you published 15 articles and earn $50+. I know you can do better bro. At least may sahod ka dahil may regular ka unlike us. Student pa rin. Hehe.

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7 months ago

Haha, its a contractual job pero atleast meron 😅 Sige lang, kayo na rin soon. Study smart and make your dreams come true, bro.

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7 months ago