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The Bells (mix-media drawing)

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10 months ago

Hi my friends!

Today I wanted to know how Sakura pens would behave in combination with watercolor pencils.

I chose a simple story for the image - a bunch of copper bells (I think, for religious purposes)

These are my artwork materials - watercolor pencils Mondeluz (I chose some colors from set I need), two synthetic brushes and set of gel pens Sakura


Yes, I use Fabriano paper for mix-media

First, I select the color for the background - brown tones, ocher and a little yellow-orange on the left, from where the light will fall

The bells, according to my plan, will be of mixed colors - somewhere yellow, somewhere red-brown.

I apply strokes in separate areas, alternating colors.

Somewhere I add green and gray-green.

I take the string on which the bells hang, blue and light blue from the illuminated side

I want to achieve such an effect that the bells look like old copper that has turned green from time to time.

The light and the shadow fall unevenly on each of them, this must also be monitored

Now that the whole drawing is completely filled in, it's time to take water and create a watercolor effect using brushes.

I use with a large flat brush for the background, carefully bypassing objects

Oops... here I found that the dark brown turned out to be dark purple, but this is even better, because there are also blue tones in the drawing.

When the background is dry, I take a round brush with a thin tip and do a watercolor wash for the bells.

The most important thing here is not to mix the shades so that confusion does not occur.

It is better to start blurring a new area with a clean, water-washed brush.

To refine the contours or enhance the color spot, I paint directly on the wet paper.

Sometimes I wait for the area to dry before applying the desired color again.

In particular, I had to darken the bell in the background more.

And when the drawing is completely ready and dry, I take one of Sakura gel pens with an average diameter of the rod (0.35 mm) and outline the contours of the bells, texture a little and glue where I enhance the shadows.

Yes, I also had to take white chalk and apply bright highlights to those places where the shape of the object makes a bend.

Now it is clear that this is indeed metal, and not some other material!

Yes, I liked this combination of art materials too!

True, pens refuse to write on wet paper, but this is fixable.

I hope, you'll like my new drawing)

With Love...

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Written by   55
10 months ago
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Your painting gives the viewer a very good feeling. I have always loved painting with pencils, because it always gives me a nostalgic feeling.

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10 months ago

Thanks, Ellen! I never made friends with pencils, because in my childhood they were of poor quality. Now completely different colored pencils, with their help you can draw like a professional And watercolor pencils are a masterpiece invention of the human mind!

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10 months ago