Pasque-flower (watercolor art)

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11 months ago
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Hi my friends!

This is another spring primrose - a flower with fluff on the leaves and the stem.

I decided that watercolor paints and ... ordinary table salt would be best for his drawing.

And I also need masking liquid and a synthetic brush

I found beautiful photo as a reference

I apply masking liquid to the area where the flower will be depicted.

Then I mix the blue tones - ultramarine, cobalt and violet and paint the background.

At the bottom of the drawing, I paint some stripes with ocher mixed with cadmium red and yellow.

And I cover this lower area of picture with salt while the paper is still wet

I mixing cadmium green yellow and some red to paint the stem of the flower and part of the leaves.

I also apply a new colorful layer to the top of the drawing to make the background more complex and colorful.

For this I needed the same ultramarine, cobalt and red ocher.

I also draw shadows from snowdrifts, where the flower gr

I remove the masking fluid from the leaf area and paint thin strokes with the same paint mixture as for the stem.

I immediately sprinkle these wet touches with salt.

When the paper dries, I remove the salt and use a darker green color to finish the shadows on the leaves.

And I also draw a shadow from a flower - a mix of ultramarine and green

To paint the flower I use cadmium yellow, gold, cadmium orange and cadmium red.

Then, in the second layer, I add green and red ocher in the shade, and lemon cadmium on the most illuminated parts.

I also sprinkle it with salt.

When the paper is completely dry, I remove the salt and add some shadows to the petals and some additional foliage in the background.

The result is such a sunny portrait of a flower that has made its way out from under the snow!

I hope that this drawing will add a good spring mood to you!

With Love...

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11 months ago
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I like the step-by-step process as the painting came to life. Wonderful!

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11 months ago

Thanks a lot!

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