Drawing on the Asphalt (digital imitation with mix tools in ArtRage)

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1 year ago

Hi my friends!

Exploring the possibilities of the graphic editor ArtRage, I discovered an effect that could make another interesting drawing.
What does it remind you of?

Size of new file - 1800 x 1300 dpi 150

So... Here is such a beautiful canvas option in a program presets.
It is called Abalone sparkle

I changed a little option, in particular, replace a base color of canvas and enlarged a value of texture

Canvas color

I used my old photo as a reference.

I started with painting, without preliminary pencil's sketch.

For drawing I choose Pastel tool again - I think it's the most suitable tool for painting on asphalt.

Chose a preset named Soft Wax

Set in option more pressure and noise

Sketched a composition

Then I used another good drawing tool - Roller

Chose a preset

and drew a flowers of allium, changed occasionally pressure and blending option

The same tools I drew a butterflies

Thin details as butterfly mustache and allium arrows I drew with Pensil

Then I created new layer under flowers and paint a grass background with Roller - this tool very well as filling of big areas.

Somewhere I blended a pieces of background with Palette knife to create a move of lonely grasses
It's picture I got in finish

Finally I maked some color correction into program
(menu Edit - Filters - Adjust layer Colors)

Now I just increased a value of saturation

So splendid summer mood picture I got!

Thanks for your attention to my tutorials!

Have a nice day and be healthy!



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1 year ago


Wow, what a beautiful drawing, I love it. Excellent explanation. I still lack a lot of practice haha I really am a musician. The programs I use to draw are Illustrator and Photoshop. But many times my laptop stops working

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1 year ago

Thanks) Illustrator and Photoshop are the software uses a lot of RAM ArtRage has a small weight of about 50 mb It is very comfortable to work in it even on a laptop with a 2-core processor and 2GB RAM as my

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1 year ago