Paul Bragg - "Back - is the key to the Health" [B002 - Book review #2]

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2 years ago
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Right now, I'm writing this from sanatorium in the forest. My pain in the back reached the point that I decided in a moment to go here. Financially, it was not the best time to go, but I understood that pain in the back affects a lot my productivity, so I consider this as a worthy "investment".

So last Saturday I called there, made a reservation, and Sunday morning got in a car for 4-hour drive from the capital. I took 8 books with me (some of them I already read, so soon will be more reviews). Firstly I decided to stay for 5 days and then prolonged for 2 more days. By the way, in terms of productivity, this was a very good time for both reading, crypto-education, and some of my crypto-related projects. As here, apart from the procedures, there is nothing else to do.

One of the books 635 pages long was about Health issues, it's titled something like Paul Bragg - "Back - is the key to the Health". I read it in Russian, and probably the English edition is "Bragg Back Fitness Program - with Spine Motion For Pain-Free Back" (link to Amazon)

In the edition which I had, Paul Bragg's text consists of 130 pages, and then there are texts of different authors. But for me the first part was the most interesting, I read it with attention, and some of the latest texts by different Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Swedish authors I scrolled.

Paul Bragg (1895 – 1976) was and still remains a popular author. I like his way of writing from the beginning. He often repeats himself and gives some personal examples, but these repeatings they are not annoying but helpful to understand some points. So no wonder that the edition was branded with his name.

So main points which I noted for myself are the following:

  1. It is very important what you eat.

  2. Drink only distilled water. I discovered that it's not so easy to get distilled water in the shops, but I will definitely try focusing on drinking this type of water.

  3. "Every man and woman can make themselves 30 years younger by strengthening their back". I don't know how true it is, but here in the sanatorium after procedures useful for back I really feel much better. You can see, I even started to writing more texts.

  4. Vitamins are the basics of a healthy back. Especially vitamins A, C, D and complex vitamin B.

  5. Fasting cleans the organism. Paul Bragg is a big fan of fasting, after checking more information on him online, I see that he was even criticized for this. He is an advocate of 24-hour fasting and for bigger fasting periods. I decided to try 24-hour fasting. Firstly, 1 time, and then maybe once a week.

  6. "Age is not toxic". "I was born 86 years ago but my biological age is around 20 years". His point on age is really interesting. I think many of you saw people in their 20s who looked like in 30s or even 40s. And vise versa, you can remember old people who seemed to be decades younger, and they feel themselves younger.

  7. "Autointoxication is our worst enemy"

  8. "Modern way of life is a slow suicide"

  9. Food to avoid: well, that's a huge list, which includes almost everything I consumed... So it's easier to mention food which Bragg thinks is good a healthy

  10. The ideal diet for Paul Bragg is: - 60% raw fruits and vegetables. - 20% protein food (meat, fish, eggs, natural cheese) and the remaining 20% separated in 3 parts (1 - natural starch, 2 - natural sugars, which can be found in honey, dried fruits, juices, 3 - natural unsaturated fats, such as sunflower or olive oil)

This book is not on the topic I read a lot about. I'm not thinking a lot about food, etc. But these and other thoughts of the author made me willing to try it. I'm not sure I'll be able to completely change the eating habits, but I'm definitely going to eat more fruits and vegetables.

And what about you? Was this review interesting? What do you eat? Did you ever fast?

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2 years ago
Topics: Health, Book, Food, Life