Cryptoroyale game review - Harmony - ONE blockchain game where you can earn tokens

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1 year ago

Cryptoroyale game review - Harmony #ONE blockchain game where you can earn ROY tokens

Link to the game:

So I played this game a little bit - as it's better 1 time to see than 10 times to read.

Also if you like blockchain games - I advise you to play it yourself

Then I did a transfer of 0.005 ONE to my wallet

And if you check my account more, you can see that I have 5.52 ROY HRC20 tokens, this amount I withdrew from Cryptoroyale when I played last time.

$ 7.98
$ 7.96 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.02 from @Belozoriana
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Tried it, but there's no time for this game. The project itself is very interesting, and extra money has never hurt anyone. Too bad the video has no Ukrainian subtitles.

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1 year ago

Hello Belozoriana, thanks for your comment! Is your name Zoriana? If yes - I can then understand why you mention Ukrainian subtitles It's been a while since I created content in Ukrainian as I see smaller demand for it But in this case - it will be just easier for me to create another video in the Ukrainian language than to make subtitles Actually at some point I will create content in Ukrainian again

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1 year ago