Crypto Jobs - November 2020

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2 years ago

Coronavirus already shaped many aspects of our society. But let’s talk not about the economic damage which COVID-19 brought and will bring, but about some opportunities. As any crisis brings opportunities, now you can see that those people who work and can work remotely have anti-fragility, while many other people suffer from the loose or pause of their jobs.

Last time I was checking different cryptocurrencies, I checked of them from Top-100 Coinmarketcap list (and of course I constantly visit and check many other projects, and “Top-200” is definitely not the main criteria for my crypto-interest).
Many of crypto projects, foundations, associations have jobs listed on their sites.
I went through all of them, so I just scrolled, some read in details, and even applied to few)

Here I want to present to you the list of the most interesting jobs I found. As I don’t know when you will read this post – the jobs might change and vary. You know that the crypto world is very dynamic. So while I’m writing more jobs are created, and some vacancies are closing.

It won’t be a surprise that most of the jobs are for developers. Often companies don’t have open jobs, but a mention on their website that they are constantly looking for talents and leave their e-mail. Some companies and crypto projects don’t have Job or Career section at all, and some use headhunters and freelance sites like Upwork to find employees.

Microtask sites: Anytask and Latium

Anytask comes from Electroneum (ETN) ecosystem and there are multiple categories of freelancers.

Latium did successful ICO several years ago, and unlike many ICOs who disappeared, the site is actively developing.

I think as for now, both sites lack clients and freelancers, but there are jobs and contractors available. It can be a good way for the new crypto adopters, and a nice additional source for outsourcing parts of the work  for the crypto companies.


IOHK has big amount of job opportunities. Moreover they have “Speculative application” so if you don’t find job that fits your profile, but still think you can work on Cardano development – you can submit your CV.


æternity has 9 open positions at the moment: Web Designer, CMO – Chief Marketing Officer, Outreach Lead, Technical Marketing Writer, Chief Financial Officer (Part-Time or Full-Time), Developer Advocate, Senior JavaScript developer (React, video streaming experience), Technical Product Manager.


Decred has interesting recruitment concepts.
If you are interested in Decred, you can start contributing, Then contributors who produce good work will be invited to become paid contractors.

RSK (IOVlabs)

There are several developer positions


Many open positions, especially in development

Nervos Network

Senior JavaScript / TypeScript Engineer – $85k – $15ok
Recently there was Open Application – it means if you can see a role for yourself in the project – you can describe it and apply $60k – $140k


Since November they are looking for Full Stack Web Developer and for Blockchain Core Developer


There is an interesting position of IOST Partner / Ambassador – growth hacking, evangelist, marketing, social media & community


At the moment Ark has 6 open positions, including Senior Developer and Penetration Tester.


Apart from developer positions, there is a Researcher / Senior Researcher vacancy.


There are more than 20 open positions, not only in engineering but also in marketing.

3 open positions in Hong Kong

Maker DAO

6 open positions in development


4 open jobs

So these are projects are only a small part of the whole blockchain ecosystem. But even from this list, you can see that there are jobs, therefore – opportunities for personal growth.
I will update this list from time to time.

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2 years ago


I've been looking at microtask websites myself, and so far have tried out Microlancer, Sats 4 Likes, and They all have different strengths, but the one big drawback in all cases is the lack of jobs. 'Micro' jobs by their nature only pay a small amount - so a microtask website either needs to have a lot of jobs listed or have new jobs constantly becoming available in order to be worthwhile.

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2 years ago

James, I agree with you. I didn't try these 3 sites you mentioned. And did you try Anytask or Latium?

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2 years ago

I haven't yet, but I will check them out today - thanks!

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2 years ago

Thanks, I will be happy to hear your opinion. And what do you think, should I add these 3 sites you mentioned to the next update?

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2 years ago

Yes, they are all good sites and pay out. Microlancer and Sats 4 Likes pay out in Bitcoin, whereas is Bitcoin Cash.

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2 years ago

Thanks, maybe will try them in future

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2 years ago

I think. my biggest isssue is as mucha s i am interested in cryptocurrencies, i have no computer sciences background and have no interest in learning about crypto in that way. I am excited to see when crypto jobs can be a little more in the physical world ( signing petitions, cleaning park pathways of litter etc.)

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2 years ago

I understand your point, but now there are crypto jobs not only for tech-savvy people. There are multiple opportunities, for example there is "Community manager" role, this is something you can do for sure

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2 years ago