Can money buy happiness? Oh yes!

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We all have heard about the phrase that "Money is the root of all evils", or "Money can't really buy happiness" !

Indeed, most of the crimes that happen in today's world is because of money, because people do have a huge greed for money and why? Because money can buy them stuffs they want, fulfill their desires in this limited lifetime and hence, it is such a treasure.

Money is good, money is important.

But money is not just what we "want", money is something, we "need" !

While many philosophers might have wasted their lives sending out the negativities that the attraction towards wealth can bring, we can't help but notice that even for them to reach out to the public, or for even to publish their books and thoughts, they have had needed money!

Can money buy us happiness? Happiness is a very subjective feeling. One can be happy on eating a slice of any kind of pizza while another might be sad that they didn't get that extra toppings on discount.

Money can buy us stuffs which we love and like, and most importantly, require.

Money can buy us good and healthy foods which will lead to good health, medicines and doctors which will help us to maintain our health, will give us a bit of respect in the society as well, will make us being burden-free over other people and make us truly independent!

And the most important privilege it can offer to us is how and where we want to spend our time in, because, time is actually the only real wealth of every living being, we have limited life-spans and money can help us to utilize more of our time for ourselves than wasting it away for earning money or in other tensions which money can save us from facing!

Money might not buy us happiness, but it can buy lots of foods and movies and a cozy bed to an introverted foodie who loves to watch Harry Potter! Is it not happiness? Obviously, it is!

Having desire for money is never bad, to earn it not in wrong but in right and legit ways like doing a job in a well-paid good institution, or running a business that helps the society as well can offer the door to money for us. One should work hard, establish themselves, earn money and enjoy life and the perks that money provides!

Earning money requires doing hardwork, which means we will utilize our body mentally and physically and it increases not only our productivity but also keeps our body and health in check because our body is like a machine. Doing work also helps us keeping ourselves updated with the world and helps us from reaching a point of stagnation! It helps us to increase our physical strength and mental capacity as well.

Earning money and spending it is also a type of addiction which if we can channelize towards good reasons, it brings happiness not only to us but to our loved ones and also to the whole society. It helps us stay competitive with ourselves and we become a better version every day!

Earning should never be the only focus though, but it never harms us to earn more, does it?!


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