Transplant Flowers to Cure Homesickness

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A more personal alternate title for me would be "Grow Florida flowers in Texas gardens."

Have you relocated to a new city and felt a little bit homesick? Are there certain flowers you remember from your hometown that you don't see in the place that is now called “home”? There may be a way for you to satisfy that yearning for home.

My hometown was Miami, Florida. Florida was discovered by an explorer named Ponce de Leon. He named the state “Florida” which is the Spanish word for “flowers”, because, upon his arrival in this new land, he saw nothing but gorgeous flowers everywhere. I imagine one of the flowers must have been the hibiscus, a flower that grew in the front yard of my childhood home. In fact, as a kid, it seemed like this flower was everywhere!

When I moved from Florida to Texas, shortly after my arrival, I was in a store shopping for items for my new home. I overheard a lady talking to another lady. She said she had just returned from vacationing in Florida to her home in Texas, and she was so excited because she had found this wonderful flower! She said it was so gorgeous she just has to bring it back home to Texas and plant it in her garden.

Being from Florida, my curiosity was piqued. I just had to know what Florida flower had impressed her so much. It was the hibiscus.

I’ll never take the hibiscus flower from my childhood for granted ever again. In fact, if you ever relocate and feel a little homesick, try transplanting a flower that reminds you of the home you left behind.

Hoping this lovely flower art of a hibiscus bloom might brighten your day!

* Image credit: Learn to paint a Rainbow hibiscus With Acrylic paint step-by-step I YouTube lesson for beginners by Ginger Cook. - Moyiki Sites

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I moved to another place but since I got used to be far from my birth place, I don't feel homesick anymore. But anyway the art flower is beautiful.

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