My Foodie Luv: Can You Name 5 British Desserts?

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2 years ago

My youngest child is practicing (and hopefully improving) her writing skills. She picked a random topic to write about and did some research. The topic was British desserts, a subject matter which she definitely had to find out about on her own because:

(A) Her American mother was clueless.

(B) Even though her father was from The Bahamas - which at one time was beholden to the Queen of England - Bahamian food is in no way a reflection of British cuisine. In other words, he was also clueless.

My daughter shared her research results with me. I was pleasantly surprised.

Has anybody ever tried any of these sweet treats? I found the 6th dessert doing my own research.

Arctic Roll

1) Classic Arctic Roll

My mother;s favorite sweet treat was a jelly roll. It looks like the British Artic Roll. But the two recipes are completely different. I prefer the British recipe because it's made with ice cream. YUM!

2) Traditional Bakewell Tart

“... a traditional English baked dessert tart. It consists of a shortcrust pastry shell, spread with jam under a layer of frangipane, which is a sponge cake-like filling enriched with ground almonds.”

3) Eton Mess

From my favorite TV chef, Nigella Lawson. Made with strawberries and pomegranate juice. Don't know why anybody would you call it as mess.

4) Flies Graveyard

Also called “Fly Cemetery”. Flies Graveyard?? Sounds perfect for celebrating Halloween. But looks nothing like a Halloween treat. More like a breakfast treat.

5) Rock Cake

“... curious hybrid of a scone and a butter cake ...”

6) Spotted Dick (English Steamed Pudding)

We get that the “spots” refer to the dried currants used in this recipe. But nobody seems to know why it's called “dick”. “The first known recorded recipe of Spotted Dick is found in the mid-19th century cookbook, The Modern Housewife or Ménagère, by Alexis Soyer, one of Britain’s first celebrity chefs who seems to imply that the pudding had already been around for some time.”

♥️ I must say that my daughter surely picked a fun topic. 😋 😊

Can you name 5 more British desserts?

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2 years ago


I have never had any of these, but I will say if I ever see a spotted dick I am going straight to the doctor!

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2 years ago

I have not tried any of the above... but they sound good!

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2 years ago

You should put more image of them, I wanna crave but I couldn't picture it well in my mind lol

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2 years ago

Haven't seen of any of that before. It al looks delicious, though. I'm craving for desserts now. 😅

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2 years ago