My Foodie Luv: Black Burgers VS Orange Fries for Halloween

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Black and orange are the typical colors for Halloween. Back in 2014, in Japan, for this particular holiday they started serving black burgers. It was the thrid time they released limited edition black burgers. The “first in 2012 (charcoal-enhanced bun and squid-ink ketchup only) and then again in 2013 with their KURO Ninja (it had a slice of bacon "tongue.")”. (Quote source)

What were the ingredients used to make the black color? A black burger is made with a black olive and anchovy paste, and other stuff added to the ground beef that is shaped into a pattie; and squid ink is used for the bun's black color. The Japanese love them! Stop in at the Japanese burger chain J.S. Burgers Cafe. Also, the American restaurants in Japan, McDonald's and Burger King (“kuro-burger”; kuro means “black”) serve a “version” of the black burger. It has been served in America, but instead of using squid ink, steak sauce is used to achieve the coloring. It's very popular during the Halloween season. In 2017, the McDonald's in Malaysia served a Black Burger and the bun is colored with charcoal.

If everybody was jumping on the black food bandwagon, would you jump?

Uuuhhh … let me think.

PRO Black Burger:

Why not? It's Halloween!

Burgers are comfort food.

Sampling world cuisine is a fun foodie experiment.

CON Black Burger:

Black food is a turn off for some people

Some people don't eat beef

Veggie burger “version” is not offered in restaurants

OK! So! You're a CON Black Burger person. How about orange french fries?

Since orange is also a typical Halloween color, and black food might be a turn off for some people, most people like orange food! Sweet potatoes. Carrots. Pumpkins. Candy Corn. LOL. 😃😃

There are so many wonderful Halloween symbols and treats that are orange or include orange in the color scheme. Whether or not you decide to eat a black burger, there is no way you can't be tempted to eat orange fries. If it's Halloween season, might as well get into the spirit of the holiday by eating orange colored fries. Orange fries? Uuuh … yeah! It's just sweet potato fries. Some people make carrot fries. But since it's the Halloween holiday, we'll call them orange fries. For those folks who try to avoid fried foods, these root vegetables can be baked. Or you can cook them in an air fryer.

PRO Orange Fries:

Eat for Halloween and all year round!

Orange food is prettier than black food.

Baked versus fried recipes available.

Meat-eaters and veggie-eaters can both enjoy

CON Orange Fries:

Can't think of any. Can you?


By the way, October is not only the month for celebrating Halloween, but it is also National Apple Month and National Pizza Month. OCTOBER ROCKS!!

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Hey, so long as the food tastes good, and it is pretty much food sources to make the colorings...I am in. I have never been one of those "presentation" freaks anyway. Just serve me up something that tastes good and fills me up...and perhaps in this case adds a little bit of "fun factor" to my face feeding experience, and I can get onboard with that. lol

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2 years ago

oh my god I would love to eat that burger if they had a veg option lol...

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2 years ago

What country do you live in? October is Halloween there? With us its November 1 hihiz, I just found out that carrots can be made into fries hahaha thanks for the idea. also burger and fries are cool colors for the Halloween. .

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2 years ago