Let's Discuss the Mental Health of the Post-Millennials

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Someone once told me that a generation lasts for 100 years. Never verified that. Just took their word. But since I decided to do a quick write-up on the topic *officially*, I decided to do a little research. Per an article published in The Atlantic, it turns out that a century is not the proper time frame to draw a dividing line between one generation and the next generation.

What? Not a 100 years? No. More like 10 years. But no matter. Whether 100 years or 10 years, I just want to know which generation is Z. Why? Because apparently, if you are in Gen Z, then 98% of your friend group has a mental illness. This statistic is according to a Tumblr blogger who documents the Gen Z culture.

Not sure of this blog publisher's credentials but that statistic, if it is a true and verifiable, is very alarming, and thus it is imperative that we be able to identify who the Gen Z-ers are (aka "zoomers").

With all the hoopla about how Millenials are so spoiled and so whiny, how they expect everything to be given to them, how they can't handle disappointments, how they are the worst generation ever, etc., etc., etc. … being spoiled and dissatisfied blah blah blah. They way they are described surely sounds like a recipe that would lead to mental illness. *Don't you think?*

I was certain that Gen Z was just another name for the Millennials. However, using a timeline published by The WJSchroer Company, if you were born 1995 to 2012, you are in Generation Z. This means that Gen Z are the folks born in the generation AFTER the Millennials. *The Post-Millennials*.

What??!! You mean there's another generation worse than the Millennials?

When I think about generations, I often think of a lyric in a popular song performed by Mike and The Mechanics titled *The Living Years*. The song lyric says:

*Every generation ... Blames the one before*

I am NOT convinced that if you are in Gen Z, 98% of your friend group has a mental illness.

Do you AGREE that the *98%* is likely a valid mental health statistic?


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