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4 Must-Read Historical Romance Novels

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4 months ago

Did you know: Romance is the best selling book genre in the English language.

That being said, to explore the topic further, the question you must ask is:  What “type” of romance novel do you enjoy reading? 

My preference is historical romance, set in say the 16th to 19th century, in Europe, with an intense plot that keeps you engaged, a passionate romance that unfolds, and where you also learn little tidbits and trivia about life during that period of history. Oh! Pirates are optional but they do add a bit of excitement to the story line.

Here are four (4) historical romance novels that will make you both adventurous and amorous. Plus a few tidbits about the authors.  All female authors. DO NOT pick up these books late at night if you're trying to get to sleep. 😴 DO pick up these books if you want to be up all night turning the pages. 😄

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  If you’re going to read romance books you should definitely read historical romance. Not only are the stories tantalizing and exciting but if you read the books that I read, you will learn some interesting tidbits about European and Caribbean history. My favorite romance novelist was Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (1939–2007). She didn’t just write romance literature, she is credited with pioneering the historical romance genre. She is actually referred to as the First Lady of Romance. Her first book was rejected by eight (8) different publishers. Thank goodness Avon recognized her book was a good read! Her first novel was published in 1972 and her last book was published in 2007. Sadly she died of cancer in July 2007. Her last book was released in October 2007.  My two (2) favorite Kathleen Woodiwiss novels are those mentioned below.

A Rose in Winter

The "rose" in this story goes by the name Erienne.  She gets sold by her father to become someone's wife.  Who that "someone" is, she doesn't know and her father didn't care.  He just needed to pay a gambling debt and she was "valuable property".  This novel is a classic “Who do you love?” tale. It’s a lover’s triangle.  Or is it?

- Shanna

The heroine in this romance novel is a beautiful heiress who refuses to be forced into an arranged marriage.  Her desperation to avoid the marriage takes on her quite an adventure.  Shanna is feisty!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Bertrice Small (1937-2015)  has written over 50 books - historical, fantasy, and erotic romance. She has won numerous awards. "Romantic Times has awarded Small a Lifetime Achievement Award and named her a Pioneer of Romance." If you would like to see a full list of Ms. Small's books, click here.  lf you're going to read just one historical romance novel written by Bertrice Small, read this one!

- Skye O'Malley

In this novel we are introduced to the character of Skye O'Malley.  This female heroine goes from being an innocent young teenager forced into marriage with a brute who matures into a woman who learns the necessary skills it takes to survive in a cruel man's world.  Travel with her as she goes from Ireland to Algiers.  This stunning raven-haired beauty even becomes a pirate!  I held my breath through each chapter in this book and what amazed me was that by The End, this woman was only 28 years old.  Hardly an old lady!  But the life she lived I can't see myself accomplishing all of that in 50 years!  LOL.  This book is the first in a series of 6 novels published between the years 1981 and 1992. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jude Deveraux (1947 - ) is an American author who has been publishing books since 1980.  Many of her books have been on The New York Times Best Seller list.  I personally fancy her historical romance novels set in medieval England; specifically her books about the Montgomery men and the women they loved.  Below is the first novel by Ms. Deveraux that I read was about Gavin, the oldest of the Montgomery brothers, and his wife Judith. 

- The Velvet Promise

Gavin Montgomery stood tall like a tower over his petite wife, Judith.  He was ruggedly handsome; and she was just a pretty little thing, like a doll baby.  On the outside, that is. But once she got him to realize that she had no intention of becoming an adornment for his arm nor a little toy to be used for his amusement, they began to see eye-to-eye. Even if he did have to lift her up so that she could look him straight in the eye. LOL.  Gavin not only learned to love and cherish her, but he developed the utmost respect and admiration for her intelligence, her strong moral character, and her will power. Their initially unhappy union turned into wedded bliss and their happiness was so wondrous that even the servants were happy that the master and the missus were finally getting along with each other.

(Book cover images found on Good Reads)

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Written by   99
4 months ago
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Romance alone is not enough for me to read a novel. It must have history, it must have realism, it must have excitement. I think Hemingway is very good at this.

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4 months ago