The power of ''NO'' !

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Of course saying ''YES'' to opportunities, improvement and learning is great. But we have to say ''NO'' to the opposite things !

I would like to give an example of a beautiful girl. Will she be happy if she says ''YES'' to everyone who likes her ? I don't think so. She has to say so many ''NO'' to find the right guy to date and maybe to build a family with. That's why I chose a muscular woman for the thumbnail. During the history, all the women were suppressed by man. But in the end they do everything to get their freedom. And we see them now working, creating businesses, and doing so many things even some men can't do. And the same I would say about slavery. The aggressive slavery is almost defeated. And that's all because someone had that courage to say ''NO''. It's all started by one person, then moved to a few, then the movement changed the world. So, I'm sure that people who say ''NO'' to what's happening now, will win in the end. That's the magic of the word ''NO''. It's so powerful.

In fact both words are powerful. ''YES'' and ''NO''. ''YES'' to all the positive that can lead us to better life. ''NO'' to the negative that make us close our mouths, doing what others want us to do, not creating the future we see better for us, our family, friends and all the world. ''NO'' to censorship after all. ''NO'' to tyranny and dictatorship.

But it's not that easy to say that sometimes. Because of the fear. Of the doubt of making the situation worse, but not better. So, the thing is in having that confidence to say ''NO''. And we can learn that by practicing. So, think about what you don't like to do in front of others and try to do it if it's good. Think about things that make you unsure and do your best to be sure about them. If you just look at the alternative and give it a chance, you may find the truth there. Official doesn't mean true !

I also would like to share the best ideas I heard from this great video :

  • Saying ''NO'' is showing the real you.

  • Talk even when your voice shakes.

  • Do what you really like to do. Don't copy others.

  • Be who you truly are. Not what others want you to be.

  • Don't let the fear stop you from saying or writing something.

  • By standing on the right side, you stand for all the world.

  • You don't have to please everyone.

  • Stand out for yourself by speaking your truth.

  • It may take months, or even years to build the confidence to be able to say ''NO''.

  • Don't live your life to impress others. Do everything to impress yourself !

  • Refuse to be intimidated. You are unique, you are special.

I also liked some quotes by him, and I'll share them here as well :

  • I don't have to fit in because I'm customized.

  • Some people spend their entire life to fit in, when they were born to stand out !

  • FEAR is : Falce Evidance Apearing Real !

  • You must face your fear.

  • The reason why some people don't stand out for themselves, is because they think that the punishment is greater than the reward !

  • Nothing could be further from the truth. The reward is liberation, the reward is freedom, the reward is being yourself unapologetically.

  • Own your truth even if it's unpopular.

  • Your opinions of me will not break me, because they did not make me.

  • Life is too short to act small !

  • Fear is the gate keeper to your greatest evolution.

  • Gaslighting is a form of manipulation. Refuse to be gaslighted.

He also talked about how our mind trick us every single day and I would like to share some pictures of another video I watched in TikTok, where the author draws on the hand cool pictures that turn the hand in something else because the background is black.

So, here you see the hand turning to something scary.

Here it turns to flowers, and they move when the fingers move, just like a wind move the plants.

Here, the hand turn into a kind of robot hand with pieces of fingers and muscles.

Here, especially when we look at the hand from the side, it turns like two linked pieces.

And here, we see no hand, but only a Tetris game.

That's how our brain can trick us if we are put in certain situations. So, don't let what you see outside the box, hide from you what's inside it !

Sometimes while learning about all what's going on and what already happened, we feel that we are going crazy, but that's not correct. As Infinite Waters said in the video :

You're not crazy, you are waking up.

So, in fact people who dug deeper are just people who are waking up, because there are so many inconsistencies in our world and the information shared during the time.

As well, he talked about being exclusive by not following the narrative, and he said :

I would rather follow myself, than follow where the crowd go in the wrong direction.

So, as you see not always what others do is correct, and I'm sure you know that, that's why every single one of us has to do things his own way, depending on his situation and the way he/she see it correct if that's not harming anyone for sure !

So, we have all to learn how to say ''NO'' with big confidence.

We don't have to do what we don't want to. We were born free !

Let's do it at least by writing about what we don't like to do. We can also write about our little wins and share our stories where we could say ''NO'' even with being scared or not sure about that !

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nice article

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1 year ago

I really enjoyed reading through this article. We should indeed say no when situation demands it and not let fear trick us into thinking that we'd fail if we do.

The fear of doing what's right should not be considered because if you say yes to the wrong things, the consequences will be bigger than expected

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1 year ago

That's for sure. I'm happy you enjoyed the article, and I'm glad you understand the message !

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1 year ago