The moral aspect of DCC !

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11 months ago

The goal after creating DCC token is to reward collaborations on the blockchain. But with the time it turned to a token with morals. Especially in the collaborative curation.

I'll explain that. It's all related with the contest I'm running almost every single week. The idea is to support a particular tag and to promote the content there. We have so many people doing that in hive blockchain. And now I would like to spread this to other blockchains as well. So, while finding a new content related to the tag, and tagging new authors, they will all be informed about the existing blockchains we will be active in. That way, the crypto community will be all working under one tag. Bur that's the marketing side of DCC. The moral aspect of the token is related with the tags I always choose. Every single tag have its special value, and they are all related.

We started by the community because any token gather around it a community. And the community is the most important side of any token or a coin. The more people will own that currency, the more will use it, the more responsibility they will all have to improve it, to suggest ideas to make it valuable, even after that to be involved in the governance and how the distribution should be. And since we all aim for decentralization, the community is what to care more about. That's why we try to find the content with less attention to give it more support and expose it to the world. In the community every single one is important.

Then we moved to the blockchain. And that's where the token is created. Without the blockchain we wouldn't have any currency, community or a token to build. The blockchain gives us the opportunity to earn at the same time, not only the token itself, but other tokens and the main crypto we all earn on it. So, we use our voting power to share the currency with others and that's awesome.

Then we talked about hive itself. Hive blockchain is not just a blockchain where people earn money and support each other. It's also a place with a history, the history of people who learned so much from their content, from connecting to each other and from learning all the time about this awesome crypto world. So, why not to share our experience with the other blockchains as well. I think all crypto community should be as one.

Then we moved to governance, and it's one of the most important part while building an ecosystem. The good governance is the indicator of the real decentralization. So, the more people will be involved in the governance and decide about the direction they all want to take with the currency, the more decentralized we will be. And that's even more fair that other ideologies.

Of course the ''motivation'' and the ''inspiration'' tags are needed when we talk about the community. To support those who are in need, we have to be strong ourselves. Not only in the monetary aspect, but in the moral aspect as well. The same when we supported ''love'', ''life'', ''freedom'', ''truth'', ''hope'', and ''peace''.

We supported as well ''crypto'', and ''bitcoin'' because it's the main reason why we are all here. Without bitcoin, we wouldn't see so many other cryptocurrencies created. I think that we should be all thankful to bitcoin. That gives a big push to all crypto world to be created.

We supported as well ''wealth'', '''happiness'', ''success'', ''power'', ''confidence'', ''trust'', ''faith'', ''home'', ''abundance'', and the ''nature''. Those are all great topics to talk about. I think it will be good is we will start over talking about each tag when the contest will be one year old. Because more people joined us, and I'm sure that people still using those tags. But from time to time we will add something new. So, you can propose a tag in the comments.

We supported ''story'', because behind each one of us there is a story. ''Education'' because we all have something to share to teach others, and we learn all the time. ''Philosophy'' because each one of us has his/her own philosophy. ''Psychology'' that is very important for any human being. ''Writing'' because that's what we do all the time. ''Politics'' that entered our live so deeply. And ''peace'' we all need to keep building, improving and enjoying our life.

As you see all this contest has not only the monetary aspect where we just distribute the rewards. But also it has the moral aspect where we improve as human beings.

I hope the token will bring value to even more people, and we will be able to spread the idea in all crypto community where the content could be created.

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11 months ago


Now that the DCC token has been created in SmartBCH, any idea to organize the tag contests here?

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11 months ago

I have to be sure first that it has value. I need to add liquidity in at least one exchange. I'm learning about that right now.

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11 months ago