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The benefits of berries - Garden therapy !

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5 months ago

That's the best picture I took two days ago when I visited the family of my wife. They always call us when the berries are ready to eat. But sine I'm creating the content regularly on the blockchain, I always think what to create about. This time I was thinking while collecting those berries. Because usually I do that and climb the tree. When I do that, I don't take with me the phone and don't even listen to the music. I just collect and think about something great. Usually the mood is good when I do that.

So, the first thing we do usually is take a bottle and cut it and hang it on the neck. That helps to free our hands to hold the tree and to not fall. Then the fun began.

I collected there blueberries !

That was the result even after eating a lot. ☺

And I liked cherries more because I like what's sour.

And here is the result !

They have there as well nuts !


And plums.

And that's all in one garden. ☺

Then, when I left, I decided just to take pictures around.

I like the road between houses.

I like that little river in the city.

That's a clean water passing under the bridge !

I like how it falls from those big pipes.

Then just flowers around.

And coming back to the civilization. ☺

And feeling great after a very useful garden therapy.

I really think that's useful to do from time to time. Just find someone who has a garden and visit them. They will be happy to have some help, and you will get that therapy and forget a bit about the city and all your problems.

There are many ways to stay healthy.

Just find some time and enjoy your life. ☺

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Written by   68
5 months ago
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