Learn to Redirect Your Energy !

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People have many types of energy moving and changing them like the wind that bends the trees !

We are all very interesting creatures. We have many human body systems, and we have to care about all of them. Organs, muscles, blood, breath, nerves, digestion, waste, hormones, immune, reproduction and physical protection. And we can add to that the spiritual side that's for sure exist somehow and live with the body. All those systems are related with each other, and if one system will fail, others will recover it. But to be healthy we need all those systems working well together. That's why we have to keep in mind all that to care about each one apart.

Sometimes we have some disbalances and one system can be mush stronger than others. For example if the nervous system is more developed, we may be too emotional. If hormones aren't stable, we may want something more than we need. And all those systems are a form of energy. So, if one energy is given more attention, the other one will be weaker. That's why we have to learn how to redirect those energies and to learn how to control the one that exceeds. For example knowing the reasonable amount of food, and the time that could be digested, gives us the information about how much we have to eat and how long we should wait before getting full. "That's usually about 20 minutes to feel fullness.'' In this case we should redirect our energy from eating to doing something else to not eat any more during that time. So, we redirect the instinct of hunger to the will of having less fat for example.

There are also some situations where we have false desire to do something we may don't need. Just like in any programs or applications we have bugs, maybe those are also bugs of our organism. For example if we feel hungry after eating, or we feel too sometimes tired during the day. That usually happen to adults. Maybe because they have more bugs than young people have. For example, when I feel tired, I drink a lot of water and after that I feel much better. The first impression I have is that I'm sick or didn't eat well. But knowing that drinking water helps to have more liquid blood, I always drink as much as I can, and I really feel better after that. As well knowing that the air home should be always fresh, and the temperature shouldn't be that high, I do my best to have the best atmosphere to be always fresh and productive.

I'm glad I learned the term ''Redirecting the Energy''. We can apply that to any system that transcend. Not only in human body, but even in the system we are living in.

That really helped me to be healthier physically and morally, and I hope this will help you as well.

The source of the pictures used is : pixabay.com.

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