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"The best inheritance we can leave to our children is a planet where they can live".

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8 months ago

Hello fellow travelers, nature and recreation lovers.

Today I come to present a route that has become very famous especially in recent times when we have had to seek distraction in places away from the crowd. It is the famous El Paraíso waterfall located inside our beloved Waraira Repano National Park, better known as El Ávila. This waterfall is located in the town of Guatire, Miranda State, Venezuela, where I have lived for 16 years with my family.

cascada las madamas

As I told you in my previous publication I love nature, I think I have it in my blood and that's why I feel so much pleasure when I am near it and I despair when days go by and I don't feel it.

In the last year I have noticed that people have reinvented themselves and now they are organizing tours and excursions to different places such as rivers, beaches and mountains. For a simple excursion they can charge from 2 to 5 dollars.

The most popular destinations are La Guaira beach or Higuerote. There are packages called full day where you only worry about arriving on time and there are other more economical plans where you only pay for transportation. I have not wanted to use these services yet, but I think it is good that people get organized and go for a ride, but of course, following the proper safety rules.

Cascada la llovizna

I am more inclined to go to the mountains, thank God we have our distinguished tour guides who know the route. They are also our exercise teachers and know all about first aid, hiking, wilderness and much more.

I am particularly happy when Sundays come and we go up the mountain. Not every Sunday I can go, but I try to do it as much as I can, not only for fun but also for health. My children have accompanied me on two occasions and although they are young people they have a great time because my friends make sure they have a good time.

rio la churca

These photos that I show you today are of some of the places that we get along the way. To get to the highest waterfall we have to walk almost 4 hours, of course we are making stops every so often to hydrate ourselves. Also our teachers make games or dynamics that make me laugh a lot.

In our group of Ws always share the images, not all of us carry our phones for security measures, that is, to avoid attracting the attention of criminals. It is almost always our guides who carry and then take it upon themselves to share pictures and videos with us. When you go on this kind of excursions you have to take into account the security measures or observations of the experts.

As I was saying, to get to this point there is no specific road or trail, part of the section must be done by crossing the banks of the river La Churca. From the moment you start to climb it is a spectacle, it is impressive the amount of landscapes, wells, flora and fauna that you find along the way.

Guatire is blessed to have the highest wells and waterfalls of El Avila hill, ranging from 15 to 25 meters in height.

These walks-excursion-walks are also carried out with the purpose of making known the ecotourism potential of the municipality of Zamora and thus convert this area into a tourist attraction where people fall in love and become protectors and guardians of nature.

I can only tell you that we had a great time, I have only been to this route twice, because you have to be very careful and my knees do not help me much, as I have been operated on twice, but I always encourage and participate as far as my body can take it. If you have the opportunity to go hiking someday, do it, I know a friend of mine who does it every day and never gets tired, but thanks to that she has a happy spirit, good health and a good attitude towards life.

I invite you all to love and preserve our only spaceship called "Earth", because there is no planet "B", we only have this and nothing else. And finally I leave you a thought that I like very much but I do not remember at this moment who said it: "The best inheritance we can leave to our children is a planet where they can live".

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Written by   338
8 months ago
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These look like our place, I mean the clear potable waters and the mountains they're just fantastic.. how I wish I could go on an expenditure, and be with nature even just for a day

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8 months ago