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Embroidering bonds of love: Waiting for the birth of my nephew Andres.๐Ÿ™ โค ๐Ÿ‘ถ

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1 year ago

Well friends, from my side everything is ready to receive our nephew Andres, soon all these things will be taken to Chile to be delivered to my niece Andreina who will soon be a mother for the first time. You don't know how much we have waited for this moment, finally all our illusions are coming true and what we dreamed of so much has become a reality.

What you do not know is that Andreina struggled a lot to get pregnant, she had certain anomalies in her reproductive system that prevented her from getting pregnant or when she did, she suffered a loss. All this made us very sad because we love her very much and she really is a woman who deserves to have a child because she loves children.

Andreina left 3 years ago to live in Chile with her partner in the midst of so much pain that we Venezuelans were going through, Thank God they are doing very well and now with this baby I am sure that the happiness will be even greater. Fortunately she has a lot of our family there that we are sure will be watching over her and will help her in everything because that has always been our custom in the family "to help, to love, to want, to love".

This little trousseau is for her, or rather for her baby. Several of us collaborated to buy the materials and I was in charge of the elaboration.

What you see in the main image is an embroidered blanket, it is made with high quality fabrics and is padded to withstand the low temperatures of the climate of Chile.

I have also made a cover with the "Guardian Angel" prayer, many of you when you were children had to learn this prayer; I particularly did it every night next to my bed; that is a beautiful and very tender stage in which we children join our hands when we pray and ask God for the things we want. Every time I board this cross stitch prayer it is inevitable to remember that beautiful stage of my life.

The "Andrรฉs" bath towel

Making this towel is very simple, maybe soon I will bring you the step by step of a towel like this, the most I can highlight in this piece is that I love the name, I know they chose it because it is derived from the name of my niece but is that Andres is representative and also comes from those old names that never go out of fashion.

Alone embroidering with my thoughts

When I sit down to embroider I can't stop thinking, I think about many things, for example I think about when the baby I am embroidering will be using my pieces, I like to imagine that moment, but I also like to pray that everything goes well during the birth and that the mother and the baby have a good time during his life.

To elaborate each piece I like to choose soft fabrics, because I know that fabric will caress his face, his hands and I want the baby to feel good.

Envelope to store the newborn's clothes

The weaving of this envelope was very simple, I only used one or two stitches in the crochet technique, you can say that I used a basic level, so anyone can make it.

To embroider or knit you only need to have two very important things "patience and perseverance" if you have these two requirements then you can start working.

What I like most about each of these pieces is the embroidery, because I chose a special embroidery. On the internet or in magazines you can get plenty of models of letters, of all sizes, but if you don't want to give yourself a hard time looking everywhere you just put the baby's name in the google search engine and voila! You will get a lot of ideas and you just have to choose the ones that best suit your plans or rather the space where you are going to embroider.

Many of these techniques we learned from our grandmothers and even if the years go by there will always be a woman who is dedicated to this work; I just want to ask you that if someday you order an embroidered or woven piece give it a lot of value, because they are unique, unrepeatable pieces and we the manualistas put all our love in each one of them.

Well friends, I am sure that soon I will be telling you more about the life of my niece Andrea and her son Andres. And although I cannot be with them at this moment, I will pray that everything goes well in the birth and that Andres arrives alive, healthy and blessed to this world of God.

I say see you later, take care of yourselves and remember to put a smile on your face!

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Written by ย ย 463
1 year ago
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Beautiful embroidery, I love it. The towel reminded me of one given to my baby Gael ๐Ÿ˜, what a thrill ๐Ÿค—

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1 year ago

You made increadable beautiful things for your nephew Andres.I would be happy too if anyone from my family embroidered such things for my baby child.Your sister is happy to have you.

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1 year ago

When things are done with love they also transmit our love. It shows in what you do that there is true love. I congratulate you.

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1 year ago