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Caracas my favorite city of all

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4 weeks ago

Caracas is a unique city, not only for its splendorous places but also for its people that add a special touch. I am not a daughter of this city, you can say that Caracas adopted me 27 years ago and since then here I have felt comfortable, calm, happy, I have enjoyed life like you have no idea.

I know Caracas like the back of my hand, I worked in each of its corners from the East to the West, I lived for 10 years in one of the most popular sectors called Petare, which although geographically belongs to the State of Miranda, geopolitically it is within the metropolitan area. Strategically Caracas is very well located and that is why it is the capital of Venezuela. It has jungle, beach, mountains and an urban area that provides entertainment at any time and any day of the week.

Caracas full of history

In this beautiful city is where one of the greatest and most courageous men that humanity has given birth to, Simón Bolívar, liberator of 5 nations, founder of Gran Colombia, invincible warrior who gave his life to gain independence from the kingdom of Spain, was born.

Bolivar Square in Caracas

There is a special area of this city that I never get tired of walking, it is the center of the city, it is divided between La Hoyada and Capitolio of the liberator municipality. There you can visit the Plaza Bolivar, a beautiful place to rest, take pictures, read the newspaper or have a delicious coffee in one of its most recent outdoor cafes. You can also visit part of our history, such as the birthplace of the liberator Simon Bolivar, the Bolivarian Museum, Sacred Museum, Government Palace, Casa Amarilla, National Pantheon, National Assembly, Churches and also most of the ministries and government agencies.

The center of Caracas is very busy because it is also a very commercial place, there are fabric and jewelry stores where all the seamstresses go and get a great variety of prices and products. It is also the focal point to go to buy everything related to decorate parties of all kinds.

Caracas is beautiful in every corner

These photos that I show you still belong to the Greater Caracas or metropolitan area, it is really very difficult to choose only one place and not show so many others where I have been so happy. I have memories in each of these places because for years I have liked to go out, to recreate, to walk with my family, to know new places. In this city there are many parks where every Saturday or Sunday thousands of people come early in the morning to do exercises, events, family outings; if there is something that Venezuelans have is that they like to live life to the fullest, we are very familiar, wherever we go we make friends and that is what moves us, the joy of living.

The first image is the Altamira square in the municipality of Chacao, in this square is where different political acts against the government have taken place. For many it is like a symbol since many gave their lives in this place for the freedom of our country.

Very close to this square we will also find a famous park called Parque del Este; being close to Petare I used to spend there almost every weekend, playing sports or enjoying the outdoor environment with my children. I remember that it used to be very well kept and there were different animals like lions, otters, crocodiles, monkeys, birds of different species and more.

Nights in Caracas

And if during the day this city entertains you, at night it gets better, it becomes magical and traps you; it is as if a stage, a theater is turned on and a new show begins; here every night is different, there is no chance of repeating because of the diversity of places to have a good time. If you like a coffee you can go to Bellas Artes, where you can certainly ask for Señor Bolivar in the cafe La Bella Estacion and there in the open air you will have the richest and creamiest café con leche in the city. But if what you want is to have a drink and listen to good music you have to choose, I particularly love Sabana Grande, which is a whole Boulevard which you can reach on foot, by subway or in your own car and leave it quietly in the various parking lots that are around. Another excellent place for the night is Las Mercedes, there are a lot of discos where you can have fun until dawn.

Waraira Repano National Park or Avila Hill

We continue in my beautiful city of Caracas, but now we are going to the mountains. If you are one of those who like to exercise or venture out with friends to see spectacular sites then you have to come to this great mountain that borders the entire city and adorns it with its beauty. The Wararira repano is our great green lung, where thousands of people escape to take a break from the hectic urban life and the traffic that sometimes gets heavy and consumes you hours after work.

To go to Avila or Waraira repano you can take different routes, either on foot, by car or live the incredible experience of riding the cable car in Caracas. The route to Galipán is one of the best because it takes you to a very beautiful and touristic place, where there are cabins, stores, restaurants, among others. From there you can walk to the Humboldt Hotel, this hotel was recently reopened and opened to the public.

Entrance to the mountain by Sabas Nieves- Altamira

As I say there are many parts where you can start climbing and hiking, I really like to go through Sabas Nieves, I think that during the quarantine is what I have missed the most because they do not let us go from where I currently live to there, but thank God I have been able to know many places like these waterfalls that you can visit if you walk about 4 hours to a sector called the Chorrito.

Oritapo Beach- La Guaira-Central Coastline

nother advantage of living in the Metropolitan area is the privilege of being very close to the sea, and so we have many options when it comes to going to the beach. If you live in the East you can go down to Higuerote or Rio chico but if you live in the West you can go down to enjoy the beautiful beaches of La Guaira.

If there is something I have done this year since they gave some free days in the country to move around is to go to the beach. Since I live towards the east of the city I like to take the Higuerote route since it is only 45 minutes away from my current residence.

Higuerote is a town on the Mirandina coast, it has different beaches for all tastes, that is, if you want a quiet beach to take your children I recommend Los Totumos or San Francisquito beach, but if you like something stronger and with waves for surfing you can go a little further, to Chirimena or Chirere beach. For those who have a little more budget and want to get away from the crowd can go by boat to Buche or Caracolito, where the water is warm and blue like the sky, the sand is white and there are people who take care of you very well.

Los Totumos Beach, Higuerote, Mirandina Coast

Wherever I go I enjoy everything that my city offers me, I know that at this time it is difficult to travel and go further away so we must be content with what we have closer.

I am grateful to God and to life for having given me the joy of going so far away and for having brought me to these beautiful lands, land of poets and singers. The metropolitan city of Caracas has been an inspiration for many painters, famous singers who have captured on canvas or in a musical theme what I wanted to tell you here.

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Written by   260
4 weeks ago
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Muy lindo tú artículo, mis felicitaciones por tan excelente descripción, y las protestas que bueno que no las dejaste afuera, fue una época de lucha y mucho desgaste familiar y espiritual.

Dios los acogió en su seno, tantos jóvenes que fallecieron y aprovecho de pedir, por los presos políticos para que, sean liberados de las injustas condenas, a la que son sometidos. Caracas Venezuela, dios, bendiga a mi país.

Gracias por darme, un respiro con tantas imágenes hermosas y contemplar, lo que todos los días aprecio, y doy gracias a dios.

Espero que salgamos pronto de estas plagas chaburras y del covid, gracias José Gregorio Hernández, y de antemano gracias, por estos favores recibidos. Recibe un cordial abrazo, saludos.

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2 weeks ago

The Beach it's really beautiful, I love the street lights and the beautiful river as well. It's a place I will love to visit someday

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3 weeks ago

Que bonito todo lo que dices de nuestra Capital.

He ido pocas veces a Caracas y la verdad que se ve imponente, recuerdo grandes edificios, y lugares muy bonitos que solo vi de lejos. Pase unas vacaciones pero no visite mucho.

Me encantó el Sambil de Chacaito de lo grande y hermoso que era.

Pero la vida por allá es muy agitada. Estar en el metro entre tanta gente no me gusto para nada, lo que si me gusto fue lo rápido que uno va de un lugar a otro, por que en carro me parecía lejísimos todo.

Si me encantaría ir de visita a todos esos lugares tan bonitos que nos muestras y nos cuentas.

A lo mejor si hubiera tenido esa experiencia, tuviera otra opinión.

Pero me quedo con la Tranquilidad de mi Cumana querida.

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4 weeks ago

Hope I could travel that place someday. Lol. It's a very relaxing and beautiful place. It's a good idea to enjoy and savor the serenity and the fragrance of the place.

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4 weeks ago

Bella mi ciudad. Siempre tan mágica. Linda reseña me puso nostálgica..Gracias por escribir cosas tan lindas de caracas a pesar de no haber nacido en ella.

$ 0.00
4 weeks ago

Yo también estoy enamorada de esta mágica ciudad, muchos ven cosas malas pero en mi solo resaltan las cosas buenas que son más.

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4 weeks ago

Is it just a coincidence? I will say mind match, tell me. Caracas is my dream city. And looking at the beautiful pictures of this city, wanting to go further.But sadly, I never got to go.

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4 weeks ago

it is indeed a nice place, cant wait to visit it in the near future!

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4 weeks ago

that avila hill is a beauty! i am glad you shared it!

$ 0.00
4 weeks ago