Hello, everyone! It's been a while since my last published here and I miss all the interactions/memories we had during that time. How are you pipz? Anyway, I am pretty inspired to write a magical story but I don't have a draft yet nor specific topic to write about. Can you drop some suggestions in the comment section? If you have a plot in your mind, can I write and add some twist? I just want to challenge myself. Thank you!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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@carisdaneym2 posted 4 months ago


Tamang silip lang dito hahaha

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4 months ago

Ok challenge accepted my flower girl, try this:

"How about a story about a young girl who discovers a magical book that transports her to a world where she can communicate with animals? .As she explores this new world, she learns about the balance of nature and the importance of protecting the environment. But when an evil sorcerer threatens to destroy the natural world, she must use her newfound powers to rally the animals and save the day. Along the way, she learns about the true meaning of courage, friendship, and the power of nature."

Also as you love the flowers, i add this to challenge you:

"There is a flower change on this tale, in the flower challenge, the young girl and her animal friends must pick as many flowers as they can in a limited time to win the right to make a wish with a rare flower that can grant wishes. The flower is heavily guarded by mischievous fairies, and the challenge tests the group's teamwork and ingenuity. With the power of the flower, they defeat the evil sorcerer and learn the value of friendship and determination."

Use this questions to goo deeper on the flower challenge if you want to:

  1. What is the name of the rare flower that has the power to grant wishes?
  2. Where is the flower said to grow, and what obstacles do the girl and her animal friends face to get there?
  3. Who guards the flower, and what challenge do they present to the girl and her friends?
  4. What is the challenge that the girl and her friends must complete to win the right to pick the flowers?
  5. How do the girl and her friends use their skills and teamwork to win the challenge and pick the most flowers?
  6. What wish do they make with the power of the flowers, and how does it help them defeat the evil sorcerer?
  7. What lesson does the girl learn from the flower challenge and the adventure as a whole?

You can also develop this other points on the tale at your election (do only if you want to enrich the tale, this is optional):

1) What other challenges could the girl face in her quest to save the natural world?

2) What kind of animals could the girl meet in the magical world?

3) How does the girl's experience in the magical world change her perspective on the real world?

Hope it works my friend. Enjoy it, a hug for you.

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4 months ago

Oh wow, hello! it's actually a pretty nice idea, let me come up with a final twist of this story, sending hugs to youuu. :)

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4 months ago

Thanks my good girl, I'll be waiting to read your story, take all the time you want! =)

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4 months ago