Eggplant Tomato Simple Vegan-Dish; in "two way"

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Today we had sunny day walked to the market buying groceries. Bought a packet of green spinach we however ended up decided to cook these beautiful dark purple vegetable or I supposed to call it fruit.

Quick info: While it's generally thought of as a vegetable, eggplant is actually a fruit. The eggplant, aubergine, melongene, brinjal or guinea squash is a plant of the family Solanaceae. Eggplant is grown for its usually egg-shaped fleshy fruit and is eaten as a cooked vegetable.

Look how gorgeous their color are!

Eggplants Tomatoes Side Dish Asian Style Recipe:

It is pretty simple dish, no fancy ingredients are required. But somehow it is healthy and superlicous! I mean… super + delicious. What you need are just:

1) Chili (sufficient with 5. Those in below image are for illustrations purpose) - me as an Asian i eat Chili alot.

2) Eggplants. This part requires a little bit of messy work. I will explain below.

3) Tomatoes

4) Onion

5) Garlics - I normally will add few cloves extra since it is excellent antioxidants source food

6) Oil about 2 spoons, to sauté the blended chili and onion

7) Salt for seasoning



Prior to start the cutting, you might need to perform this most exciting preparation part. To fire-roasting the eggplants!
Yes. It was exciting you know, to see Benn helped roasting them on our stove top directly on open flame. This roasting step created smoky taste and very unique flavor to our eggplant.


Removing the remaining bud
Chop chop time
Sauté the minced garlic, and then pour in the blended onion with chili, add into it our diced-small tomatoes, chopped fire-roasted eggplants, pinch of salts!
Watch your oil intake. I hope you know that major cause of Diabetes is Fat instead or sugar. Sugar is just the catalyst, being Obese is the first cause - Intramyocellular Lipid(IMCL) is the real culprit

“What’s preventing insulin from letting glucose in? Tiny droplets of fat inside our muscle cells, so-called intramyocellular lipid. One hit of fat can start causing insulin resistance, inhibiting blood sugar uptake after just 160 minutes.”



Get a bowl of brown rice, you are ready to go
Putting Coriander on top of every dishes is like “adding conclusion paragraph to an essay” thingy. Indeed, the structured content is there but with a great conclusion, it’s going to be outstanding. - Spicy tomatoes eggplant with coriander’s end taste; will ripping your taste bud.

Eggplants Tomatoes side dish Mediterranean Style Recipe:

Thanks to Benn for the recipe, he get inspired of doing this when his little sister showed him a video of this recipe in youtube. This is. an aromatic reddish cooked salad/purée kinda like side dish can be your next experiment in your kitchen. Can spread it onto your bread, whip it on top your whole-meal crackers for snacking watching Netflix, what a chill weekend huh.

Overall, ingredients required are mostly alike:

1) Eggplants

2) Tomatoes

3) Onion

4) Garlics

5) Salt

The difference are:

6) Olive Oil about 2 spoons

7) Cumin powder

8) Paprika

9) Ground black pepper

A could give long list of Mediterranean diet that is healthy. They use olive oil most in all dish that I know. Instead, we use palm oil here in Kuala Lumpur. Whatever your choice ensure it is 0% Trans Fat free next time your grab your next oil cooking.

*Steps that makes it different is, your shall place the diced tomatoes and garlic straight on your well heated-pan, get our highlight of the day, fire-roasted eggplant! Add cumin, paprika and black pepper into that nicely sourly smelled evaporated from the tomatoes. Lastly, extra virgin olive oil into our special dish tonight. You can now enjoy your dish! 

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