Winner draw of 5 BCH CoinParty 2020 flipstarter lottery

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3 years ago

Congratulations CoinParty and Bitcoin Unlimited and everyone who made their flipstarter a success!

This is the drawing thread for the 5 BCH lottery announced here (see that link for the rules and how the drawing is done).

There were 152 total pledges, and each valid pledge gets an equal chance of winning. It's all provably fair because the rules are published in advance and the winner is picked in a deterministic manner based on the hashes of blocks on the Bitcoin Cash chain.

The funds for this lottery draw were announced in the proof-of-funds post.

The Entrants

I've made archived posts of the completed flipstarter, so you can see I'm not leaving anyone out who pledged.

Had to add some distinguishing information to a couple of Anonymous donations. You can see which ones they are by the amounts / SLP address or the #1 / #2 which refers to their position in the archived final pledge list.

Also had to eliminate my own two pledges (them's the rules):

btcfork "spend and replace"

Play the 5 BCH lottery! ""

That leaves 150 entrants, here is the numbered list, sorted according to the rules (we number it from 0 ... 149 due to the way we pick the winner).

  0 Anonymous "simpleledger:qzlv795pn9vluyjjw5q2ztyek7xzh4wj8q8293qle6"
  1 Anonymous 0.00 BCH
  2 Anonymous 0.1 BCH #1
  3 Anonymous 0.1 BCH #2
  4 Anonymous Pegasus
  5 BCH for the win!  "simpleledger:qzunrnyd4wnl75y0jt8xlaca75zlwthrvqrfxwm9nd"
  6 BCH investor "simpleledger:qzlrw0tym3zugyj6w2eu8am33z7yz96eegl2tjnr2n"
  7 BCH investor 2 "simpleledger:qzlrw0tym3zugyj6w2eu8am33z7yz96eegl2tjnr2n"
  8 BITCOIN.COM "Banksters are parasites"
 10 BITCOINMAP.CASH "Freedom is to act regardless of reputation"
 11 BITCOINMAP.CASH "Marihuana is a medicine with 5000 years of history"
 12 BLOCKCHAIN.POKER "Steve Jobs wouldnt hire anyone who did not take LSD"
 13 BMAP.APP ""I would act economically stupid not to pledge here""
 14 BMAP.APP ""flipstarter is a get rich quick scheme for investors""
 15 BMAP.APP "My mother said I should stop gambling, then I won the WSOP title"
 16 BRRRR "BCH printer going BRRRRRR"
 17 Bill McGonigle "party on, dudes."
 18 Bounty "Lottery bounty incoming"
 19 CLOSE IT ""
 20 CLOSE THIS "Close this campaign and kids in Venezuela gonna party"
 21 COINECTOR.APP "Lick the boots of Paul Wasensteiner, to enter the Hackathon"
 22 COINECTOR.APP "Mobbing is fascism"
 23 Craig Wright "simpleledger:qzr4j269anmvmu3l50pr955lnmn59g6hauk4ajv7vl"
 24 David "simpleledger:qzvadtayzk3gp0w29llj2r07flwq0vneevr43jtq94"
 25 Drunken sailor "Insert a funny comment here -- simpleledger:qpa7cd783v0krh8za4pjc78wc92nxqnes5tflppzwz"
 26 Freethinker "simpleledger:qqevjze040ngugcj53jtmtgatm9rs6tanuc667c8lm"
 27 GOTTA CLOSE "lets roll"
 28 Gambler "Pledging here is like printing money"
 29 George Donnelly ""
 30 I WIN "Giving up is not an option"
 31 I dont have the funds "To close this campaign"
 32 IMightBeAPenguin "simpleledger:qqw3pc88qtuwhycdarsxd2wel27h7984vq8mvprnt4"
 33 Investing ""
 34 LAZYFOX.IO "Let go of control, let nature guide you, find happyness"
 35 LMAO "This is too funny"
 36 Lopokoko "P2P Electronic Cash for the world!"
 37 Lucash#99463 "And he looked at everything he destroyed! And it was good! He wrapped his greedy fingers around it and preached 1MB!"
 38 MEMO.CASH "Ayahuasca is the best medicine to heal our souls"
 39 Marc De Mesel ""
 40 Marcela "simpleledger:qph0glxx5wmln5mk7u5sf9u66uuxyj0v0uz29vmx8h"
 41 Mathematics "Mathematics is still a hard challenge for many"
 42 Mike Komaransky "Voting member of Bitcoin Unlimited simpleledger:qzsnlck5r9s8hj9u3pua3dq6q2g528k0cu6k8p59ay"
 43 Omar "simpleledger:qrey6hyp2vsqq5v5wmqzfrcnp5klrksrsuwzhj7tqy"
 44 Omar2 "simpleledger:qzr4j269anmvmu3l50pr955lnmn59g6hauk4ajv7vl"
 45 Our brothers "In venezuela will be so happy about this party"
 46 Out of words ""
 47 PJMan7 "simpleledger:qq4njdkhvlm90tksrrddaadtwzcual79ggpepqvmtj"
 48 Pablo Picasho "There is no benevolent dictator in Bitcoin Cash"
 49 Party on "I must be the winn0r, then will buy presents for the kids"
 50 Realdonaldtrump "simpleledger:qzcxleced9dqfcpmuv356v3mnd0ypdz5zgxxmlfejm"
 51 Satoshi Nakamoto "If I win, I will host a party in my venezuelan neighborhood"
 52 Send me Kiddos tokens !  "Simpleledger:qqevjze040ngugcj53jtmtgatm9rs6tanuc667c8lm"
 53 Shomari "CashFusion is going mobile!!!"
 54 Singularity "Let's get as many different pledges as possible so spread the Community Kudos tokens around!"
 55 "Win Bitcoin Cash by spinning a wheel!"
 56 Steve "Let's attrack these young innocent kids into the BCH trap! Mouhahahahah...."
 57 Stresstest "Flipstarter has quite a few bugs"
 58 Thank you btcfork !  "simpleledger:qp7j2yssmtfaktlzyrzs8c7t7xgfpr4t4g45svqv6k"
 59 Thats some real work "Just close it luggi"
 60 ToTheMempoolGuy "1MB should be enough for everyone"
 61 ToTheMempoolGuy "I like big blocks and I cannot lie"
 62 ToTheMempoolGuy "no need for an artificial fee market"
 63 ToTheMempoolGuy "┗ (°0°)┛"
 64 Two and a half men "simpleledger:qr56e29dg66eetmt0km6flnganakckqppunsvt6f55"
 65 Venezuela "Will be the first crypto nation, visit us!!"
 66 WE GONNA SIT HERE "For the next six hours :D"
 67 Why Cryptocurrencies?  ""
 68 arruah "Hello from Kazakhstan :)"
 69 chainxor "Cool event!"
 70 chico loco "simpleledger:qzcxleced9dqfcpmuv356v3mnd0ypdz5zgxxmlfejm"
 71 emergent_reasons "Bounty: Use cases that do not touch retail/consumers directly. Could be called b2b."
 72 ""
 73 "Fast & persistent"
 74 ""
 75 ""
 76 ""
 77 ""
 78 ""
 79 ""
 80 ""
 81 ""
 82 ""
 83 ""
 84 ""
 85 ""
 86 ""
 87 ""
 88 ""
 89 ""
 90 ""
 91 ""
 92 ""
 93 ""
 94 ""
 95 ""
 96 ""
 97 ""
 98 ""
 99 ""
100 ""
101 imaginary_username "Bounty: Submission that integrates with an existing, well-known, open source BCH project. "
102 ixerious#70000 "simpleledger:qzc9jmx2827wuxazxsmvgwy08lj4f76dlgfc2vmvlz"
103 jonathan#100
104 lugaxker "Biggest Flipstarter transaction? simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
105 lugaxker "Pledge guys! simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
106 lugaxker "lugaxker#106, lottery ticket:"
107 lugaxker "lugaxker#106, lottery ticket:"
108 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
109 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
110 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
111 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
112 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
113 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
114 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
115 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
116 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
117 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
118 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
119 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
120 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
121 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
122 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
123 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
124 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
125 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
126 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
127 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
128 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922"
129 lugaxker "simpleledger:qz954pyuatjtyrf654ud2k55ykr6n7yl9qnunhd922" 
130 majamalu "I'm riding this pig wherever it takes me"
131 n00b
132 p0oker "BCHA is the best SoV"
133 p0oker "Great event 🤟🏼 -"
134 p0oker "Let's code!!"
135 p0oker "Let's code"
136 p0oker "We need uniswap for BCH for real"
137 p0oker ""
138 p0oker ""
139 p0oker ""
140 seriously
141 simpleledger:qpu00e49nlf
142 spice_trader#44148 "if someone could build the next killer app that would be great simpleledger:qpmqz4sayysnltvkzcjr9qc938qj2y9pyufv8ctdck"
143 uc#105 "btcfork fought the bot and the bot LOST! 👍"
144 ujka
145 ujka
146 unitedstatian
147 unitedstatian v2
148 yourliestopshere "Do you hear that sound?... Is that a monster thaatt I found!!"
149 zquestz "Best of luck getting this funded!"

The decisive block

The flipstarter's funding transaction, 002e20d1bc9077bfca7b7e807cefa56d265046b5f2ac775f5ef70611371ad94e, was confirmed in block 663207 which has the hash:


As we have 152 entrants, we need to use the last 8 bits, i.e. last two hexadecimal digits which are 0x16 which is 22 in decimal. So our lucky winner (1st drawing) is...



Please get in touch in the comments below, or on Twitter/Memo, to provide the receiving bitcoincash: address for the 5 BCH prize.

EDIT: he got in touch and collected the prize

Consolation prize of 0.1 BCH for funniest comment

This category is obviously subjective, and there were some good entries, but ultimately this won it:

p0oker "BCHA is the best SoV"

Well, that's it for this lottery. To all who participated, thanks.

Special thanks to all those who pushed it significantly towards completion in the last few days.

Now, have a good party, and see you on another flipstarter lottery sometime!

Lead image: courtesy of Bitcoin Unlimited / CoinParty 2020

Sponsors of btcfork

$ 10.01
$ 8.66 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.50 from @realbitcoinclub
$ 0.50 from @nyusternie
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3 years ago


how lucky the winner are... should i start trolling too? in that way maybe could i earn some bits too haha

$ 0.00
3 years ago

If instead of trolling, you provide some content of real value, then you can very likely earn many more bits.

$ 0.01
User's avatar btcfork
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3 years ago

ill do sir i was just amazed how lucky that person.

$ 0.00
3 years ago

Congratulation sir for your successful lottery.injoy your moment.thank you for share this

$ 0.00
3 years ago

My reward was the lessons I've learned: not to gamble, and gambling is fun.

$ 0.00
3 years ago

that was exciting and a fun game theory experiment. proof that voluntary flipstarter funding works. thank you btcfork ! congratulations BU and all.

$ 0.00
3 years ago


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User's avatar btcfork
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3 years ago

I piss my pants, thats me :) We gonna have a big bitcoin party in our neighborhood in Venezuela for xmas with at least ten bitcoin cakes promoting our recently started bakery that sells bread for bitcoin obviously :) Thanks for hosting this lottery, it will have a great impact on adoption! You can pass the prize to the memo profile that was added to the message, which is

$ 0.00
3 years ago

Thanks for getting in touch via Memo, and enjoy your prize :-)

Looking forward to seeing some pics of that party!

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User's avatar btcfork
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3 years ago

Wait so you won 5 BCH basically for trolling Paul for making the campaign in the first place? This is too funny. Congratulations and I would also absolutely love to see your bakery! Hope you will post about it.

$ 0.00
3 years ago

Absolutely, very funny! Yes pictures are guaranteed!

$ 0.00
3 years ago

Wow that was something that I won't understand because tooo new to this things but congratulations to the winner the amount is pretty good and congratulations to you as well for running a successful lottery/giveaway ❄️

$ 0.10
3 years ago