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U-DID overview diagram (v1 brainstorm)

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1 year ago

Below is a diagram I made to show what I currently see U-DID doing in v1.
It isn't extremely detailed, because it's meant to be an overview 😀

If you haven't read the concept post at all, you might be better off reading that first and then coming back to this diagram.

The diagram is up here for discussion (and will probably link to it from the intro post. Excuse my poor layout skills, I hope I added enough labels to make things fairly clear.
If you have questions about anything, please leave a comment and we can discuss!

U-DID v1 scope brainstorming

U-DID v1 - some brainstorming on the scope (intents/fulfilments/bounties/funding requests)

Some few things to mention by way of explanation:

  • I missed a flow label: the Recipient is Happy because he is "notified of funds transferred".

  • Bounties can be announced by anyone.

  • Some flows are not indicated. Everyone sees (at least by way of hash messages) when there are funding requests, funding intents, bounty events etc., because those are referenced on the blockchain.

  • Notably, the above means:
    - potential investors can see funding requests
    - developers can see bounties
    - developers can claim bounties
    - developers can see funding intents referencing their projects / requests, and can thus plan
    - anyone can cancel if plans change

  • All the "*-hash" messages are on-chain, but they can point to external documents off chain or reference on-chain documents (via txid).

  • if an intent, fulfilment, bounty or request doc is on-chain, a hash message pointing to it will not strictly be needed.

  • Funding amounts indicated in intents, requests or bounties can be denominated in any currency, not limited to but including BCH. How payments are finally made is not up to U-DID, but the people involved.

  • I left out some mechanisms which could be used to augment or modify bounties. Bounties could be cancelled and re-opened with different parameters as a workaround. I'll need to give updates of bounties and funding requests some more thought, and would appreciate input.

  • If an intent is simply not fulfilled, obviously there will not be a Happy Recipient. That is not illustrated. The lesson then is to decrease trust in the originator of the intent (and query what happened, why the intent was not fulfilled). That is of course optional, and would usually be up to the intended recipient to pursue.

Further information

U-DID bird's eye view (another diagram)

U-DID community on

U-DID v1 discussion thread on forum:

Project repository (doc / spec for now):

Feel free to participate!

U-DID v1 is meant to be an open development process.

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1 year ago
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