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Summary of Bitcoin Cash upgrades up to May 2021

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4 months ago

It is well understood by now that Bitcoin Cash is the version of Bitcoin that upgraded the block size limits in order to scale its capacity on chain.

Throughout its life since 2017, Bitcoin Cash has done a number of successful system upgrades, with another one scheduled for May 2021.

In this short post, I want to give you a summary overview of these upgrades. This information is compiled from .

It is important to remind that not every Bitcoin Cash upgrade is a hard fork. Some upgrades, like the upcoming May 2021 one, do not include any changes that can result in a fork.

I wish would allow nice tables in its markup language, but currently it doesn't. So I have to include a graphical table here, suitable for copying to other platforms, and the textual form where the hyperlinks work, at the end.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrades - graphical summary

Table 1: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrades up to May, 2021

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrades - textual summary

August 2017 (original UAHF)

  • Maximum block increased by a factor of 8 (from 1MB to 8MB)

  • Other basic scaling parameters (max txs in block, max sigops per block) adjusted to scale with block size

  • Added replay protection

  • Difficulty adjustment in case of hashrate drop (EDA)

  • Added new service bit (NODE_BITCOIN_CASH)

  • Enforcement of stricter transaction validation (SCRIPT_VERIFY_STRICTENC)

November 2017

  • New difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA)

  • Enforcement of LOW_S signatures (BIP 0146)

  • Enforcement of NULLFAIL (BIP 0146)

May 2018

  • Blocksize increased by a factor of 4, to 32MB (original Satoshi client blocksize)

  • Increase OP_RETURN relay size to 223 total bytes

  • Re-enabling of several opcodes

  • Added “automatic replay protection” (ARP)
    (fork off old versions in next upgrade)

November 2018

  • Enforce canonical transaction order (CTOR)


  • Enforce minimum transaction size

  • Enforce "push only" rule for scriptSig

  • Enforce "clean stack" rule

May 2019

November 2019

  • Enable Schnorr signatures for OP_CHECKMULTISIG(VERIFY)

  • Enforce minimal push and minimal number encoding rules in Script

May 2020

  • Replace SigOps counting system with a new system (SigChecks)

  • New opcode: OP_REVERSEBYTES

  • Increase unconfirmed chain length limits from 25 to 50

November 2020

  • Replace DAA with new difficulty adjustment algorithm: ASERT

May 2021

  • Removal of the unconfirmed transaction chain limit

  • Allow multiple OP_RETURN outputs (but keep 223 byte limit for now)

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4 months ago
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3 months ago

This means a bigger and better BCH.. We're excited for SmartBCH as well to launch more DeFi projects..

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4 months ago

Great summary

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4 months ago