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Get Ready To Be Swindled!

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Hello community! It's that time of the month again! What time you ask? It's one of the most trending events of every month. Today is the day to get your fingers ready on those check out buttons 😁.

Have you catched on, on what I meant on the title? If you have not, let me share it with you about it. This is about the event sale of the two most popular online shops in Philippines, namely Lazada's and Shopee's monthly sale that corresponds to the number of the current month and its day counterpart. So, since today is October 10, we have the monthly sale as 10.10 October Sale.

Importance of Online Shops

Having online shops at this time of pandemic has really help countless people, who cannot get access to badly needed items for their consumption or use. At the same time, there are those who really chose to do their shopping online. Some say, it is more economical and time saving which I also agree. But this depends on what item we are talking about. Which ever the reason is, online shops really has changed the way people do their shopping nowadays.

Be Smart, Not Impulsive

When it comes to doing your online shopping, you should be able to discern what are your requirements in choosing an item before you even open up your favorite app. Also, you have to make comparison of the same item with other online sellers or shops. Take into account of the origin of the item if it to ship from overseas ot locally available. The reviews of the seller can also boost your confidence level to purchase your item with them. As well as reviews of the item you are looking into if previous buyers are contented with their purchase of the item you are looking to purchase. Don't rush your purchase wherein you pick the first item you come across with and proceed to checkout.

There may be chances where you are offered with a large discount if it is bundled. But try to check the items if you buy them separately. You may be shocked that you are paying more in a bundle than getting a discount in price.

Also be meticulous, on the small details like size, color, no of items, or even the design of the item. It may be trivial to some but your expectations should be met, as you are the buyer.

Be Collected, Not All Over The Place

If your doing your shopping, try to do it on one online app, this would make it easier for you and not complicated. If you can't avoid doing it because your selected items are from different sellers and are not available on both apps, be collected on your purchases. Check in with the online chat service if it is available for that seller. Get the information you need before deciding your purchase.

Keep Details and Track Your Purchases

Its best if you keep all the details of your purchases and track your purchases in a timely manner. Get in touch with the seller if you need to and if it is available. Whichever online shops you chose to purchase from, they have their tracking services for all purchases. This is a great service to use as it avoids the need to communicate with the seller everytime, and all you need to do is track them online.

Once your purchase is delivered, its best to unpack and verify them immediately if you have got what you purchased. Hopefully, everything is as per your ordered details.


Having these sale events really has its own perks, but at the same time has its hidden traps. Buyers, like ourselves need to be ever so vigilant when we buy things on online stores. If we need to nitpick each and every detail that would affect our decision to buy the item, do so. Make comparisons on the same items on other online stores which would give you a better deal. In the end, what we want is what we should get.


If you have reached this part, thank you for giving your time to read my thoughts and I hope you have gained something beneficial for you.

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Written by   19
1 month ago
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