Two NFTs won in Dungeon Master

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Episode 25 _

April 2022

I started playing Dungeon Master a few weeks ago while last Season was active. The game is WAX/EOS staking NFT game where you get rewards after Season ends for staking your NFTs. I didn't make much back than since I owned only one NFT.

After posting about my WAX problems in one of my previous articles @PVMihalache jumped in and helped me solved the issue, but not only that, he was a true generous friend and gifted me with two more NFTs. Thank you again :)

So for this new Season which started just a few days ago I was fully armed.

And soon luck struck me and I won Wombat Dungeon Master Season 2 Standard Pack!

This pack contains NFTs which you can use to equip your wombat and get more rewards from staking. There are several types of equipment pieces for wombat like hats, glasses, light, amulet, top and bag.

The first NFT I won is a Visor Level 1 Common Hat which reduces trip duration for 0.08% and the second NFT I won is Candle Level 1 Common Light which increases Coal harvesting for 0.4%

There were two things I could do with my new cards, sell them on AtomicHub or use them in the game. I decided to use them and later realized Pack price is actually around 7.5 wax or $2.5 - not bad at all.

These two NFTs also increased my mining power from 15 to 25.

I'm not sure how much will this influence my points and earnings in the game, but when Season is over I'll see the difference in earned WAX.

You can see on the image below that mining power shows 25 and also those are my hidden NFTs received as a gift :)

The candy on the image represents the boost of 10% you get once per day and the duration of the boost is 2 hours.

All in all it's a fun time waster with lovely graphics.

Thank for reading.

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$ 2.46
$ 2.35 from @TheRandomRewarder
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Its awesome, I already got 4 my self :) and if you use Womplay you can get lots of nft's for free, check it out cause you can use them in the Dungeon ;)

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1 year ago

Got a golden pack in the first day and sold it

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1 year ago

whaaaat that's around $70 - crazy :) lucky you I guess you have up to 100 NFTs hidden in the dungeon?

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1 year ago