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update April 2022

Few days ago there was an error with withdrawal. I guess they update the game. Now there is a withdrawal limit that wasn't there earlier, not in FAQ, nowhere.

Smells like scam, classic Ponzi.

Do not engage, learn from my mistake.

[ read details here ]

_ Episode 16 _

March 2022

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, I post only my own experience, so always do your own research on the subject before investing anything. Post may include affiliate links. Thanks for using them.

Idle crypto games are just my kind of thing. The only playing requirement is to login once per day or even once in few days, depending on the game and collect your reward. Usually reward is tiny, but it adds up.

I like to try new games and I always report on my Noise account if game pays or not. For example recently I posted about Simulated App Miner crypto idle game and how I tried to withdraw 5000 BTC sats but that didn't happened. Even contacted owner via Telegram and he confirmed payout fund is empty. I have a conversation screenshot somewhere on my laptop. So it's a little disappointing to come back to the game every day and you in the end you don't get paid, but I guess that's just the way cookie crumbles. Crypto cookie that is.

Other games pay. I have recently get payment from Coin birds game, BitcoinMania game pays (even though website is currently hacked by Ukraine hackers), Simple Bits does pay and off course everybody knows that Rollercoin pays also.

Another idle crypto game I came across recently which pays (see proof below) is about renting virtual properties.

The game is Sueldito and I think it's worth my time.

This is no investment game, meaning I don't need to invest anything to get started. There is daily reward, earning coins for watching ads, offers, surveys etc.

They also offer great affiliate program.

As you can see withdrawals are from $0.02 via Faucetpay or Payeer. See first image for payment proof.

But I wanted to speed things up as soon as first payment arrived. So I took my earnings from Bitcoinmania game and rented two properties in Sueldito.

You can rent among six properties in the game. A Cabin (costs 432 coins or $0.04), Condo for $0.42, Duplex, Chalet, Villa or Mansion.

Every property is upgradable and higher levels bring more daily rewards. Currently I have Cabin level 24 and Condo level 3. This brings me about 800 coins per day or 8 cents.

My task is to collect the rent every 24 hours and what I do is reinvest. I can go almost 2 levels up daily on my Cabin. I'm not sure how many levels property can have.

Off course as with all crypto games there is a risk that owners terminate it at any time. I'm aware of that and that's why I invested only what I earned from other crypto games.

Frugal crypto investor :)

The upgrade price per property stays fixed, so in order to advance one level for a Cabin I will always have to pay 432 coins.

So because of this daily production increases very fast. My two properties currently make 777 coins per day, plus daily reward, plus sometimes I do PTC coins since they are not in active window and I can do them while doing something else.

My plan is to get to the point where I can level up my Condo on daily basis and after that I can start making profit, return the investment and continue to play.

Join Sueldito Game

Above is my invitation link. Thank you if you use it, but if you don't that's also ok. I'm glad you read my article this far :)

Find my on: twitter | noise | linktree

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