Sueldito game turns to classic Ponzi scam

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April 2022

In my post from a month ago, Properties rental idle crypto game, I gave positive review for Sueldito game, but recent changes turned this game to a classic Ponzi scam. I'll explain why, but my recommendation now is to stay away from it.

Not basically a crypto game since you earn points but the option to withdraw Tether TRC20 to FaucetPay is why I consider this website crypto related.

Anyway Sueldito started recently as a game where you can buy virtual properties and earn income from renting those properties. You can upgrade very fast by buying points, doing offers and PTC along with affiliate earnings.

Everything was correct, my investment were very small, below $5 and I have withdraw several times to FaucetPay different amounts, few times 2c, mostly 10c and once $1.

Few days ago there was an error with withdrawal for some time during the day, but later they fixed this issue. I guess they were updating the website.

This is what happened when I tried to withdraw later.

Withdrawal limit was something new. Before started I checked entire FAQ and there was no limit. On contrary FAQ says: "There is no limits, you can always collect the coins again to get the same prize again and again".

As screenshot shows as a proof.

To make things clear 100 coins or points is 1 cent. You can't cross this threshold with offers or investing, which leaves you with option to attract new referrals. In my opinion this makes it classic Ponzi scam.

I'm not surprised thought. In fact I expected something like this, as mentioned in my previous post:

"Off course as with all crypto games there is a risk that owners terminate it at any time. I'm aware of that and that's why I invested only what I earned from other crypto games."

Terminate or change functionality.

Why is something like this expected? Experience I guess. I've seen this happen too many times in crypto world. On every good opportunity to earn crypto there are at least 10 scams out there.

And off course the promise of it and math. I have invested $5 in it and with upgrades after only one months I can expect to withdraw $8 per month, every single month. That's the math of the game according to the rules. Now imagine if someone has invested $5000 in it. According to the same rules investor can expect to withdraw $8000 every single month. Not sustainable in any way, so obviously a scam.

This guy is clever though he changed the rules after a month. This is only my experience I'm not aware there was a limit rule since there wasn't anything about it in FAQ.

One more fair warning. Inside Sueldito game there is an ad for another similar game. Since it's new and I haven't seen this before my guess is that it's from the same author, so please also avoid FarmerBux dot com too.

Best way to learn is from other people mistakes.

Take care and thanks for reading.

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