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Lucky Pegaxy rent and update price speculation

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7 months ago

In my recent article First time riding Pegaxy - results and impressions, I mentioned how it's impossible to actually rent Pega with profit-share option because all of them are snatched by bots and you will lose both your Matic tokens and (most important because gas fees are low) your nerves trying to do that. But I like to do something while I'm doing nothing so I managed to do just that, rent Pega.

Intimidating Chaser is Hoz Bloodline pacer male and I got it with 12 energies to start. Now, while trying to rent I thought this was 10% share and was really excited about my catch.

It wasn't easy for me to realize it's actually 1% share :) Didn't even think about returning it since I really like watching the Pega race.

So I'm playing it right now and for first 15 games I already have 1 first place 2 second places and 2 third places.

My profits are staggering 3 VIS tokens.

Nevermind, I'm trying to recover from my pay the fee fiasco from last time so every VIS is welcomed.

By the way, Intimidating Chaser's first price was 2589 USDT. Let's say the owner will be able to rent it for 1% every day because there are a lot slaves like me out there who will ride for free. If daily average profit is 250 VIS, at current price, he will make $10 per day. This means Pega will pay off in 259 days (9 months).

That's the best case scenario. But share is really ridiculous. Pegaxy should set minimum renting share at 5%.

If you check Pega prices on the Marketplace right now (image below) lowest Pega price is just above 400 USDT. With upcoming updates this will change.

One of the changes which is accepted is energy levels. Right now every Pega have 25 energies before it collapses. After the update, new horses will have randomly chosen energy between values 10 and 20. This means that Pega with 10 energies can race 10 times per day and the one with 20 energies will be able to ride 20 races.

Most of them will have 15 energies and very small number 10 and 20.

image source

However this actually means we will see those 10 energy Pegas on the Marketplace.

There is no way the price of these beauties will be high.

Let's do the math. If you are limited to 10 races per day and winning rate stays the same (around 23%) AND another proposal don't get accepted (to increase pegas per race from 12 to 15) you can expect on average around 120 VIS per day. That's below $5.

It's inevitable that the price of that 10 energy Pega will be below $200. Off course not many of them will be available at first, so don't expect to get your hands on one ... right away.

That's all for today, drop me a comment and follow me on my Pegaxy journey.

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Written by   25
7 months ago
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1% share is pretty ridiculous. I agree that pegaxy should set the minimum to 5%.

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7 months ago