First time riding Pegaxy - results and impressions

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1 year ago

So recently there was some articles about Pegaxy racing game and got interested in it because, well I play all those idle crypto games where you can earn cents and this seems like a natural step forward. You can read more about them on my Noise blog.

I'm not going to write right now about what Pegaxy is and how to play it or similar tutorial stuff because there are enough those posts on Read, just check @Infinity, @Eybyoung @jiroshin or @bmjc98 and you'll find a lot of info. Instead I want to write about my own experience.

First thing was to check the website and connect my MetaMask wallet to Polygon. I have already used Matic earlier so I was OK to go without needing to do this step.

Changed some BitcoinCash to Matic (just a few bucks) via LetsExchange for gas fee and tried to rent a Pega in profit-share section. Don't. Waste of time. People can't do it. Even simple bots can't do it. Only advanced bots can rent a Pega this way. Don't. You'll loose nerves and crypto.

It doesn't matter if you a trying to rent with 20% of profit share or with 1% it's all the same.

So next option for me is to pay the renting fee. Checked everything and math done and I noticed it's a bear moment right now, but I really, really, realy wanted to try this game so I decided to exchange Matic to PGX and I got 32 tokens just enough to buy cheapest Pega on the market.

So I made a mistake. Since I didn't explore enough about bloodlines my conclusion was that rarest bloodlines are better and since most of the Pegas on Market were Hoz I selected Zan.

So my results were much lower than average.

I even run 27 races since Curly had 3 energies when I got it.

6 times I was 3rd, 12 times I was last.

In total I got only 156 VIS. Than price dropped and my loss is $2.36. However VIS recovered a bit and I still can't withdraw it, maybe I'll break even when I do.

So what are the options for playing Pegaxy.

One option is to rent and play. This is lower income path and you have to take care about PGX and VIS prices, Market etc.

Second option is joining the guild. Now I did joined Chad's P3 Racing and I do think they are the best since they have high share profit scholarships, however the requirement is to play Axie also and 'to be active in Discord'. Not sure what this means and maybe if you are younger and have a lot of free time you can do this, but I don't have the luxury to think about time in that sense so I will probably remain silent supportive member :)

High Pegaxy entry problem can be solved. It can be DAO with shared Pega ownership. You buy let's say 5% of Pega and you get profit according to your share. Now I don't have programming skills to do that, but that would definitely be good solution.

The last option and the best one I think (despite upcoming Pegaxy economic changes) is to buy my own Pega. So I decided to go this route and opened dedicated BuyPegaFund Matic account and my every activity on Read and Noise will be focused on this. My current status is 6%

That's my first impression with Pegaxy.

Thanks for reading.

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And I'm still chatting on AxieBCH and Chadp3 discord server.

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