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Greek Zodiac Signs: The Story Or Myths Behind It

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2 months ago

Good evening to all, how are you? Me, had a long day yesterday, now going to write an article for today after doing some errands here po, lol, please bear with the pic collage i had made for this one again po, the images i'm going to use or uploaded here are from Google po.

This is my lead and second image for my article here today po, most, rather all of us po's somehow believes and reads our zodiac signs either on the newspaper or online or sometimes we saw it on T.V po, zodiac signs played a big part on our lives and somehow becomes our guide on our everyday life or living po, hope you're going to like this one and somehow it's informative and helpful din, so here it goes po, lol.

Greek Zodiac Signs

  • In ancient Greece, the signs of the Greek Zodiac were identified with 12 Group of Stars or Constellations which we can see in the night sky at different times during the year.

  • It's also associated with one of the 4 Elements -Earth, Air, Fire and Water- and behind each one of it lies a fascinating story.

  • The word "Zodiac" comes from a Greek Word meaning "The Circle of Animals" - Animals which literally means or referring to all Living Creatures, indeed with the Libra as an exception.

  • It's Myths are associated with living beings, either Animals or Humans.

  • The stories explains how each Group of Stars found its way into the Heavens.

Aries - March 21-April 20

  • The first sign of the Greek Zodiac that marks the beginning of Spring and the start of a new Cycle of Life.

  • Story of Aries was linked with the Myth of the Golden Ram that saves 2 kids, a brother and a sister from being sacrificed in order to appease the Gods.

  • When Jason had completed his mission, Zeus put the Ram's golden fleece up in the skies where it appears 'til today as the Constellation of Aries.

Taurus - April 21-May 21

  • The next sign of the Greek Zodiac and the Constellation of Taurus or the Bull that's associated with the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur.

  • According to its Myth, Theseus volunteers himself as one of the youths from Athens who would be offered as food to the horrible monster Minotaur who's half man and half bull that stayed in Crete, in the Labyrinth. To make the story short, he managed to kill the beast with the help of Ariadne which relieves his city Athens from the terrible punishment imposed by the Cretan King Minos.

Gemini - May 22-June 21

  • My Zodiac Sign and the third sign of the Greek Zodiac and the Constellation of Gemini.

  • It's linked with the story of the Twin Brothers Castor and Polydeuces or also known as Pollux in Latin who's not literally or actually twins in the ordinary sense 'coz they had different fathers, more of like the so called halfbrothers.

  • Despite the fact that one brother was divine 'coz Pollux was Zeus Son and the other one's mortal 'coz Castor was King Tyndareus Son who's the legitimate husband of their mother Leda who's the lovely queen of Sparta, the twins Castor and Pollux grew to be inseparable, they did everything together and loved each other dearly.

  • The Twins were called by one name, the Dioscuri.

  • The sight of the stars of the Dioscuri in the sky is regarded by sailors as an omen of good luck and became the two equally bright stars that stands out in the constellation of weaker stars.

Cancer - June 22-July 23

  • The Constellation of the Greek Zodiac known as Cancer or the Crabs are linked with the Mighty Hercules when he was assigned by Eurystheus to kill Lerna Hydra who's a horrible water snake with a hundred heads.

  • The story goes when Hera who happens to be Hercules' worst enemy ordered a giant crab to go and help the hydra by digging its claws into Hercules' foot who eventually died after he stamped on it furiously and crushing it to death.

  • For being grateful for its support and in recognition of its attempts to help her, Hera honored the Crab by placing its image among the stars as the constellation of Cancer.

Leo - July 24-August 23

  • The 5th Constellation of the Greek Zodiac which also linked with Hercules' very first labor by capturing the Nemean Lion.

  • According to its Myth, Hercules finally managed to kill it by strangling it to death then skinning it and took its pelt to wear it which quite protects him from his enemies as the skin of it could not be penetrated from any known weapon of that time whether it's made of iron, bronze or stone.

  • After its death, it was put on the sky by Zeus to become the Constellation of Leo.

Virgo - August 24-September 23

  • My KJF's Zodiac Sign po.

  • The Constellation of Virgo is associated with the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone.

  • As per the Ancient Greeks, their story had helped explains why the seasons change.

Libra - September 24-October 23

  • The stars that's form from the golden scales of Libra lies halfway around the band of the Greek Zodiac between Virgo and Scorpio.

  • Day and night's equal when the Sun passes through its Constellation as the scales are a symbol of balance and equity.

  • The scales, more specifically, were considered to be the symbol of Dike which means Justice who was a minor Goddess of the Underworld.

  • Ancient Greeks gave Libra the prominent place in the sky which signifies that they considered justice, equity and balance in general, to be the moral cornerstones of an ideal way of living.

Scorpio - October 24-November 22

  • The 8th Constellation of the Greek Zodiac that goes with the name Scorpio.

  • Its story's connected with different versions of stories that involve the mighty hunter Orion-A Hero who's represented by another familiar group of stars.

  • The Constellation shows him striding across the heavens flourishing a gleaming sword on his bejeweled belt.

  • It reflects the annual rising and setting of its constellations which appear to pursue each other across the sky.

  • One story tells how Gaia had sent the Scorpion to sting Orion, in order to punish him for being too boastful, claiming that he was so mighty that he could easily rid the whole Earth of all beasts and creatures, its deadly venom sent him straight to his death.

  • The Scorpion was set up on the sky by Gaia to mark her victory while Goddess Artemis who had loved Orion placed his image on the sky as well, forming his own Constellation.

Sagittarius - November 23-December 21

  • Its Constellation, the Archer, depicts a creature called Centaur which has the body and head of a man and the hindquarters of a horse, was named after Cheiron, the most famous and king of the Centaurs.

  • The Myth goes when Cheiron was destined to suffer a gruesome death, it happened when Hercules was returning home to Tiryns after killing the Erymanthian Boar who had a violent encounter with some drunken Centaurs which he managed to drive away near the place where Cheiron lived.

Capricorn - December 22-January 20

  • The Constellation of the Greek Zodiac by the name of Capricorn's as strange as that of Sagittarius.

  • A Sea God with the head and half the body of a goat and the tail of a fish.

  • Its story was associated with the birth of Zeus, the father of all Gods.

  • To make the story short, after Rhea gave birth to baby Zeus, she secretly took him to Crete, where he was nursed and cared for by Amaltheia who's name means tender and a goat nymph, 'coz she's afraid that he's just going to be devoured by his father Cronus just like the rest of his siblings when her mother gave birth at them.

  • In recognition for his goat-mother, for all she had done for him, he set her image among the rest of the stars on the Greek Zodiac as the Constellation of Capricorn.

Aquarius - January 21-February 19

  • Its Constellation shows a person pouring water out of a jug, it's thought that the story behind this group of stars is that of Ganymede.

  • Zeus, who's especially fond of beautiful people was totally infatuated with Ganymede's external appearance who disguised himself as an enormous eagle to captured and brought him up to Olympus, decided that he's going to be given special honor of being his personal cupbearer that's responsible for pouring into the glasses of the Olympians the divine drink called Nectar.

  • For being forever fond of his cupbearer, Zeus honored him by giving him a prominent position on the Greek Zodiac as the Constellation of Aquarius.

Pisces - February 20-March 20

  • Its the image of 2 fish swimming in different directions make the Constellation of Pisces.

  • Aphrodite's the Goddess of love and beauty was thought to be the source of inspiration for this particular Constellation being set in the stars.

  • Aphrodite, being grateful to the fish who had lended their form to her and her son Eros when they were in distress and hiding from Gaia's revenge, she puts up its image on the night sky, thus Pisces became the last Constellation of the Greek Zodiac.

Zodiac Signs are just our guide or should be our guide with our daily life or living, at some point, it helps us too but it's our own self and action that makes us successful or achieve the things that we want or need in life, though believing or following it not's bad and won't harm us, right? Me, believed in it 'coz somehow, what i read from the newspaper before happens or it came true or what it says fits or suited me po, lol. Hope you find this one helpful and informative din po, feel free to leave your comments down below or your reactions, insights or ideas 'bout this article of mine here today, would really appreciate it coming from you po, good evening to all once again, have a good evening and night to all, stay safe, God bless po :)

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Written by   497
2 months ago
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Great post and love reading it....

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I believe in the stars :)

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Me too po especially if u happen to see a falling star n u make a wish on it po

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